Midland ISD warns families about viral Tik Tok challenge

Midland, TEXAS– There’s a new trend on the app Tik Tok called ‘Devious lick.’

” It involves stealing items from schools and often in bathrooms, soap, that sort of thing,” says Midland ISD Communications Specialist Sam Eaton.

Some videos across the U.S. show teenagers stealing oversized items like fire extinguishers, hand dryers, and even sinks. Now Midland ISD is emailing families to warn their students not to participate in this trend.

” I don’t have social media, I don’t look at this stuff this is all news to me. And to be honest, I’m just questioning how they could pull off this type of stuff, like how to unhook a whole sink? All those piping and all that hard work, and walk out of the school,” says Legacy High Sophomore Kenneth Green.

District leaders say some bathrooms on campus have been damaged and that students who take part could face criminal charges.

“If they’re caught, they would be prosecuted as theft,” says Eaton.

Most of the students we talked to said the trend doesn’t make sense.

” I honestly think it’s pretty dumb…it’s just gone far enough,” says Legacy high Junior Aiden Delbosque.

Midland ISD asks families to talk to their students about this trend, and for students to avoid making a decision that could hurt their future. Students who have information about thefts are asked to tell a trusted adult, or to contact Crime Stoppers.

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