Mike Bivins’ Beloved Daughter Is a Little Fashionista in Pink Checkered Dress Weeks before Starting Preschool

Mike Bivins’ children are growing very rapidly! One of them is about to start preschool, and the proud dad is very excited about the development. Learn more about his relationship with his wife and kids. 

Fatherhood agrees with Mike Bivins, who is a doting father to five kids, four of whom are females. The talented singer makes no attempt to hide just how much he adores his family. 

His social media pages are inundated with pictures of them, not that his fans are complaining. One of his most recent posts on Instagram saw him announce that his youngest would be starting preschool in September. 

Michael Bivins at day one of Genius Talks on June 24, 2017 in LA. | Photo: Getty Images

The announcement was shared alongside a lovely picture that captured Mike’s Daughter Sanaah standing before a half bare wall. The top half held a colorful design on which words that read, “you’re a piece of God’s plan,” were written. 

The photo featured the little girl looking like a fashionista as she posed with her arms on her waist. She looked cute in a pink checkered dress coupled with a white pair of shoes.

The expression on her face was one of happiness and her smile, so very much like her father’s, melted many hearts. Aside from revealing that his daughter will start preschool in September, Mike also declared his love for her while drawing attention to her pose.

His fans found it cute as well, and some mentioned it in the comment section. Even though Mike has no favorites among his kids, he and Sanaah share a deep bond.

She proved herself as a fan of his recently after a video that captured her grooving along to his music at his concert was shared by her mother, Teasha Bivins. Here are a few things worthy of mention about their family. 


Like all the other members of New Edition, Mike Bivins is also happily married. He and his wife Teasha are an example of a modern-day romance, and they keep setting couple goals every time. 

After spending some time with them, Mike’s father, Gerard would give them some money and disappear.

That’s because their relationship seems to age like fine wine and has only gotten better over the years. The two tied the knot in 2006 and, as their vows dictate, are expected to remain together until death separates them.



As far as Mike is concerned, there are two types of fathers — one whose children call him “father” and the other who is referred to as “daddy.”

The first is a term used for a man who barely fulfills his duties and barely stays at home, while the second describes a man who spares time to get to know his children. 

Mike believes he is a “daddy,” and when he had his kids with Teasha, he decided to raise them to understand who they are rather than who he wants them to be. To understand why he feels this way, let’s examine the singer’s past. 


Mike’s parents never married; his father was always away from home because he had to represent the country on the battlefield while his mother Shirley kept things running at home. 

When his father would visit, Mike, who has a sister named Tanya, would join him at Kentucky Fried Chicken on American Legion Highway. He would get a takeout box so he could return to the projects with it and have his friends see and smell his chicken. 

After spending some time with them, Mike’s father Gerard would give them some money and disappear to attend to his business, which summed up how they interacted over the years.

It gave him a firm idea of the kind of father he wanted to grow up to be, and judging by the great relationship he shares with his kids, he is a great one. 

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