Mike Lindell melts down after expert tries to claim his $5m prize for debunking conspiracy

A security expert said he wants to collect a $5 million reward from Mike Lindell after the pillow tycoon put up a prize for anyone who could disprove his conspiracy theories that the presidential election of 2020 was rigged.

Seemingly doubling backing on his words, the MyPillow CEO himself is not taking the situation too well.

Bill Alderson, the chief technology officer of the Texas-based Security Institute, spoke to Dakota News Now, and told them Lindell was supposed to present “packet captures” proving his wild claims about President Donald Trump’s presidential election being stolen at the disastrous “Cyber Symposium.”

However, Alderson, who told Salon that he is a Trump supporter and still intended to disprove Lindell, said the pillow tycoon offered nothing to him and other experts in attendance.

Alderson told the outlet that it was “very disappointing” that people present couldn’t receive data from “the actual 2020 election.

“Every person who came specifically looking for those p-caps was very disappointed. Some were somewhat angry,” he said to Dakota News Now.

Now, Alderson wants Lindell to hand over the cash, saying he’s given Lindell’s attorneys evidence that the claims are bogus.

On Wednesday, Lindell went on a rant on former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s podcast and said, “It had nothing to do with my data.”

Lindell told Bannon that his attorney was looking into the situation but claims that experts were paying attention to the wrong data.

“The whole rumor going around the symposium was that this data is not from the 2020 election. Well, the whole challenge was to validate data from the 2020 November election,” Lindell said.

“I’m not sure what’s wrong with Mike,” Alderson told Salon.

Other experts shared similar sentiments about there being nothing to back up his claims.

Election security expert Harri Hursti, who was brought to Lindell’s event on behalf of CNN to analyze any alleged proof, and concluded that there was none, despite expecting a massive “pile of data.”

“We didn’t expect ‘there’s no pile of anything’,” Hursti said.

Alderson said that he wants Lindell to live a good and happy life and doesn’t need his money, but says if someone else gets paid, he’ll be waiting for his cut of the $5 million.

”I will take a split; if he’s gonna send it out, I’d like my share,” he told Dakota News Now.

Lindell came to be known for his omnipresent pillow infomercials. But in the most recent years, he’s grown more notoriety for dabbling in right-wing politics and a supporter and ally of former President Donald Trump.

Lindell is also undergoing legal issues. He’s being sued for $1.3 billion by the Dominion Voting Systems over debunked claims of election fraud.

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