Model, 19, asked out by ‘old’ man at gym – and savages him with reply

A young model has urged men to “leave women alone” when they’re at the gym after she was hit on by a 40-year-old man.

Avrey Ovard, 19, was stretching on a mat at a gym in Utah, US, earlier this week when she was approached by a much older man.

In her video, seen more than 2.1 million times on TikTok, Avrey films the man first starting a conversation by asking if she is taking a video.

She replies politely but seems uninterested and goes back to her workout.

Five minutes later, the same man comes back and asks for her name before starting talking about how he “tore something” in his leg.

Avrey being asked out by the older man
(Image: TIKTOK/@avreyovard)

He then asks: “When I’m able to get out, you might not be hear so I wanted to get your number for dinner.”

Clearly feeling uncomfortable, Avrey shuts it down immediately, saying: “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m too young for you.”

The man, seemingly unhappy about the rejection, then has a bizarre response.

“Well I’m too rich,” he says, before laughing awkwardly and walking off.

She looked stunned at his response to being rejected
She looked stunned at his response to being rejected
(Image: TIKTOK/@avreyovard)

After he leaves, a stunned Avrey looks at the camera in disbelief at what has just happened.

In the caption, she wrote: “Leave women alone.”

Avrey, who has a boyfriend, has has since posted a YouTube video to her 956,000 followers about the incident, where she said it was her “first instinct” to respond with the fact she was too young for him.

“He was old and I could not stop thinking why is the older guy talking to me,” she said.

Avrey detailed the encounter in a YouTube video
Avrey detailed the encounter in a YouTube video
(Image: YOUTUBE/Avrey Ovard)

“I have never been hit on at the gym before and I see a lot of TikToks about girls being hit on and I always think ‘oh, I’m really lucky that never happened to me’ and then literally the day that I was going to talk about all this stuff in a video it happens to me.”

Viewers have flooded to Avrey’s support since she posted the video.

“Why can men not handle rejection,” one wrote.

Another commented: “The way he gets immediately defensive when you were perfectly reasonable lol, okay fully grown man child.”

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