Model shares reality behind Instagram persona and confesses she’s ‘shy’ in real life

When you look at influencers glamorous pictures on Instagram, they often appear to be “flawless”.

But even the most successful social media stars have their insecurities.

Abby Dowse, a fitness star from Australia, admitted she’s not always as confident as she appears to be online.

Despite having more than 3.2 million followers and spending her life in front of the camera, she can feel timid in social situations at times.

During an Instagram Q&A, Abby said: “My insecurities are I can be quite socially awkward.

“I usually just laugh because I’m just a silly person and don’t take life seriously.”

Abby opened up during a Q&A with fans on Instagram

Abby added that she can be an awkward person until she gets to know someone properly.

She explained: “I’m extremely shy but once I warm up to you I’m extremely loud and annoying.”

It’s not just her personality that can make the influencer self conscious.

Like all of us, the gym bunny has insecurities about her looks too.

She confessed that her toes are her least favourite body part – and people have even commented on them in the past.

Abby Dowse
Despite her confident online persona, Abby can be shy in person

Abby Dowse
The star revealed influencers have body hang-ups like the rest of us

Abby said: “Let’s just go all out and be really open and honest.

“Another insecurity is my toes – my toes look like fingers, they’re so long.

“I did not get blessed in the toe department and people have told me that.”

Despite feeling a bit self-conscious about her feet, Abby has learned to love her body.

She believes it’s important to embrace your “flaws” and be grateful that you’re happy and healthy.

Abby added: “There’s actually no part of my body that I’m unhappy with.

“As you get older and more mature, you learn to accept your body and love your body for everything it does for you every day.

“So yeah, I’m happy with all my body.”

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