Moriah Plath Chooses Olivia Over Parents For First Important Event

Welcome to Plathville fans have had a front-row seat to all of the drama going on between Moriah, Ethan, and Micah Plath and their parents. Over the past few years, there have been many ups and downs between Kim and Barry Plath and their oldest children. Recently, Ethan’s wife Olivia Plath has been open about attending therapy and setting boundaries.

Now, the boundaries that Olivia has put in place to protect herself from her in-laws are beginning to affect someone else. In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Welcome to Plathville, Moriah is put in a difficult position. The 19-year-old talks about her band and her very first show. She wants her sister-in-law Olivia to be a part of her band and come to the concert. While Olivia wants to support Moriah, she realizes that Kim and Barry could also be at the show.

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Moriah Plath makes a tough call.

In a confessional, Olivia explains, “Boundaries are really messy things, especially when it comes to family. And my boundary for Moriah’s gig is that I would love to play with her, but I’m not ready to do that if I have to see her parents there. It’s a really hard thing to say to Moriah, because it does put her in the middle where she has to make a choice.”

When Olivia asks whether Kim and Barry will attend the concert, Moriah feels uncertain. While she wants to have her family there, there’s still plenty of conflict. Having her family there wouldn’t necessarily be easy, especially with it being her first concert. She says, “I mean, I haven’t really thought of that. I think that maybe. I dunno, like, I wish my little sisters could be there and Ethan can come.”

Olivia opens up about this to Moriah, saying, “To be completely honest, I really don’t want to see your parents. Like, I don’t feel like I’m at a place where I’ve healed enough to see them. But I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh Moriah, I’ll play with you, but that means your parents can’t be there.’”

Ultimately, however, Moriah chooses to have Olivia attend her first concert. She says, “It’s my first concert. I just want it to be like, okay, I’m going to get through it and the whole world doesn’t have to see it. Like, my parents don’t have to be there. I know there’ll be a bunch in the future where like, there’ll be more opportunities.”

Moriah points out that Olivia’s organizational skills will help the first concert go more smoothly, which is important. She hopes that her parents can attend another concert in the future.

For now, Moriah says, “My parents will just have to understand, ’cause I can’t just go around being scared of what everybody else is going to feel like or be offended or hurt or whatever.”

So, are you glad that Moriah Plath has Olivia in her life despite her rocky relationship with her parents? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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