Moriah Plath Slammed For Appearance On 19th Birthday

Welcome To Plathville star Moriah Plath is celebrating her 19th birthday with a photo on Instagram. However, followers aren’t impressed and are telling her to keep her makeup less intense.

Moriah Plath gets bullied for her appearance

With more internet access and fame comes more bullies on the internet. Moriah Plath is celebrating her 19th birthday, so like most teenagers, she posted a photo on Instagram.

In the photo, she is wearing an edgy, all-black outfit. Her blonde hair is tucked behind her ears. She is wearing giant hoop earrings and of course, makeup.

In the photo she is happily holding two giant foil balloons that say ’19.’

“19 🖤
Thank you to everyone who made this birthday the best one yet! 18 was awesome… 19 will be better! 📸 @maxkall2.0 (The balloons kept trying to tell me I was 91)😜,” she captions the photo.

Moriah Plath | Instagram

Despite her obvious joy, followers took this as a chance to comment on her photo and tell her their opinions on her appearance. It seems that most think she is pretty but wearing way too much makeup.

  • “You are naturally beautiful, take it easy on the 💄make-up”
  • “A little too much makeup”
  • “You’re beautiful! Don’t need all the makeup ❤️”
  • “Did she get a chin implant? Just wondering because it looks different”
  • “The makeup ages you. When I was younger I wanted to look older, now at 32 I want to look younger. Focus on skincare not full coverage makeup.”
Moriah Plath | Instagram

She probably doesn’t care what others think

Seeing as Moriah just escaped the restrictive lifestyle her parents created for her, it doesn’t seem like this is the time to judge Moriah for her appearance. Since she is finally able to be her true self, it seems like people should be encouraging her instead.

It’s also clear Moriah doesn’t care about the haters. If she did, she would never have gone against what her parents wanted for her.

Regardless of her life on social media, it seems Moriah has been really living life to the fullest lately.

Her Instagram account is full of photos of her out exploring the world and spending time with her boyfriend. It will be interesting to see where life has taken Moriah as the new season of Welcome to Plathville continues to air.

Do you think that followers were right for calling Moriah Plath’s makeup out? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Welcome to Plathville family members.

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