Motorist’s dangerous driving goes viral as he’s spotted using DIY windscreen wipers

A man has been spotted using a piece of string to pull his broken wipers across his windscreen in the rain, and his dangerous manoeuvre has left people online baffled

The driver’s dangerous tactic left people both amused and confused

When things don’t quite go to plan, we sometimes need to use quick thinking to come up with an alternative solution.

But one man’s potentially dangerous approach to mending his broken windscreen wipers has left people on the internet unsure whether to laugh or cry.

TikTok user Stephenkeeling9 posted a video from the passenger seat of a lorry which showed a man in a small blue car using two pieces of string to pull his windscreen wipers from side to side.

The string was attached to the wipers and fed through a small opening in each of the front windows, and the man was tugging at the rope while still trying to drive his car at speed along the stretch of road.

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It goes without saying that the method should not be repeated and the DIY attempt could have caused the driver to have a serious accident, and the clip racked up 2,000 comments as people were left stunned.

One wrote: “I’m crying so hard from laughing.”

And someone else posted: “I’M DYING.”

While a third said: “That’s how stable my life is at the moment.”

It seems the risky method isn’t uncommon either, as several commenters also revealed they’d used similar tactics when faced with the same issue.

One person said: “I did this hanging out a moving double decker bus on the motorway to get a school trip back home on time.”

While a second wrote: “Exactly the same thing happened to me on New Year’s Eve on the millennium.”

And another left a comment which read: “Literally me eight months ago! And before the Karens start – my motor for wipers gave up and breakdown wouldn’t cover me as it was the wipers.”

Other comments simply wondered who had passed the car’s MOT, while several people tagged their friends and stated the quick fix was something they’d do themselves.

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