Muhammad Ali’s Grandson Nico Ali Walsh Wins Pro Boxing Debut & Shares Special Tribute to Grandpa

Nico Ali Walsh has proven he is the grandson of Muhammad Ali, who is regarded as the greatest boxer of all time. The young fighter won his first professional bout in a striking fashion – while honoring his late grandfather inside the ring. Scroll down to see his special tribute.

Muhammad Ali, who passed five years ago, was widely regarded as the best heavyweight boxer of all time. Although he is long gone, he remains among the most celebrated and prominent figures in the 20th century. 

Muhammad’s fighting spirit and incomparable legacy live on to this day. His grandson, boxing neophyte Nico Ali Walsh, seems determined to continue what the late boxing icon has started. 

Muhammad Ali at New York City on March 14, 2001. | Photo: Getty Images

Nico, 20, is the son of renowned author Rasheda Ali, Muhammad’s daughter with ex-wife Khalilah Ali. Recently, the young boxer won his first match and shared about his victory on Instagram, writing:

“I’m blessed and honored to say that I continued history tonight.”

Alongside his message, Nico posted four photos, with the first snap showing him raising his arms inside the boxing ring. The second slide featured him in a fighting stance in front of his opponent.

According to CBS Sports, Muhammad’s grandson successfully defeated Jordan Weeks in less than two minutes in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Flavor Flav, the legendary hip-hop singer who is Nico’s godfather, witnessed his win.

A referee raised Nico’s left arm in the third picture, with a few people, who were part of the rising athlete’s team, caught in the frame cheering for the boxer. The fourth snap showed him having a conversation with boxing promoter Bob Arum.

Arum is officially Nico’s promoter following a recent deal they both signed early this month. The renowned promoter was also the one who fostered Muhammad’s career back in the day.

Besides his win, Nico’s fashion and tattoos on the boxing ring caught fans’ attention. An image of two boxing gloves was inked on the upper section of his left arm. 

His aunt and Muhammad’s daughter Laila was also a phenomenal boxer years ago. 

Another striking tattoo, which appeared to be Muhammad’s image, was inked on the lower part of the same arm. He also has a small tattoo on his chest, which seemed to be in foreign writing.

Nico braided his hair from root to tip. His hands were wrapped in white bandages underneath his black boxing gloves, which matched his shorts and his pair of white high-cut shoes.

His two-tone ensemble would be a familiar sight to boxing enthusiasts. Nico revealed he “brought” his grandfather with him in the ring by wearing the latter’s iconic trunks for the first and final time.

“I’m more than proud to say: The Legacy Continues…” Nico added in his caption. Several fans were pleased about his special tribute to Muhammad, while others left him congratulatory remarks in the comment section.

Ecstatic over his victory, Nico stated that his recent milestone completely exceeded his expectations. He shared that his journey for the past couple of months has been soul-stirring.

He said he has been thinking about his late grandfather, who used to discourage him from entering the risky sport. Nico and his model brother Biaggio, grew up close to Muhammad, whom they fondly call “Poppy.”

Meanwhile, a fan commented, “Your grandfather would have been proud.” Boxing runs thick in Nico’s blood. His aunt and Muhammad’s daughter Laila was also a phenomenal boxer years ago. 

Laila is Muhammad‘s youngest daughter. Before retiring in 2007, she achieved an incredible record of 24 wins and zero losses, making her a two-time hall of fame member and four-time undefeated world boxing champion.

The mother of two children is considered one of the most successful boxers in the history of women’s boxing. She is presently a TV personality, actress, a celebrated book author, and an inspirational speaker.

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