Mum buys daughter £265 flip flops and Prada bag for her 10th birthday

At 10 years old most of us were bought a craft set, maybe a cool hoodie and a game – and we were thrilled to receive them.

But, the same can’t be said for primary school student Pixie whose mum Roxy Jacenko has a taste for the finer things in life.

And, she loves to splash out on her little girl.

Earlier this week, Aussie PR guru Roxy shared some snaps of her daughter’s 10th birthday with her 263,000 Instagram followers.

In the morning of her little girl’s big day Roxy posted an image of the pre-teen posing with her stack of gifts and some stylish gold balloons.

And, in the pile of presents was a £265 pair of neon Balenciaga sliders alongside a costly Prada bag and more stylish goodies.

The family celebrated little Pixie with a bespoke hot pink sign and a personalised cake for the little girl’s party.

Expensive gifts and balloons were the order of the day

Sharing a snap of the kiddo on her big day, Roxy wrote: “Been by my side through the worst of the worst and what a beautiful girl you have become – caring beyond your 10 years.”

Despite her young age, Pixie already boasts a huge 89,000 followers on Instagram.

But, her page is managed by her mum to keep the pre-teen safe.

And, Pixie also owns her own hair accessories range called Pixie’s Bows.

Showing off to her followers the youngster posted a snap of her cake on Instagram and said: “OH MY GOODNESS. Mastello Creations – this cake is EPIC.”

Previously, Roxy has clapped back at people who questioned. Why she bought her daughter a £43,000 Mercedes despite Pixie being too young to drive.

Pixie's cake looked delicious
Pixie’s cake looked delicious

A shocked parent commented: “Seriously? A car for someone who can’t drive for how many years.”

Another added: “Please tell me this is a stitch up! It has to be!”

Speaking to, Roxy said: “It’s of utmost importance to me that both she and her brother Hunter travel safely on the roads when going to and from school so I purchased a car for her.

“Obviously she doesn’t drive it, she is driven in it as is her brother to and from school and for any activities.

“Given the number of fatalities on our roads their safety is so important so if it means buying a car that has extra safety features that’s what I’ll do.”

Roxy owns a number of businesses including Sweaty Betty PR.

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