Mum gets fright of her life as she spots ‘Voldemort’s face’ on beach stone

A mum had the fright of her life when she spotted the face of Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis on a stone during a morning stroll on a beach.

Nikki Halkerston, 45, had been walking along the seafront after the school run when she clocked Voldemort looking back at her.

The receptionist said the “perfectly dented” stone coupled with its smooth top made for an obvious comparison to the evil JK Rowling character.

She picked the peculiarly shaped stone up from the shore on Broughty Ferry beach, Dundee, Scotland, on Thursday morning (August 26) before bringing it home and placing it in her kitchen.

Mum-of-one Nikki said: “As soon as I saw it I thought straight away ‘That’s him!’

Nikki Halkerston found the stone while taking a stroll along the beach

“I knew who it reminded me of.

“It’s the dents which resemble the face and even where the green moss

“And to finish it off you have the shiny bald top which looks like his head.

“It was a very lucky placement.

Voldermort stone
A stone bearing a resemblance to Harry Potter villain Voldermort spotted on Broughty Ferry beach

“I was lucky to have seen it.

“It’s in my kitchen at the moment so I can show it off.

“I’m not a massive fan of Harry Potter. Sure I’ll watch it but I’m not obsessed with it.

image of Jesus in potato
Nikki Halkerston found an image of Jesus Christ in a supermarket potato.

“My daughter has recently started watching the films and I read the books to her at night so it’s a nice thing for her.”

Other Harry Potter-related rocks can be found at Dobby’s grave on Freshwater West Beach, Pembrokeshire.

Around a third of the way across the beach where Dobby died, you can find a modest collection of painted pebbles amongst the sand dunes, where devoted Potterheads have paid their respects and left tributes at his ‘final resting place’.

Often the larger ‘headstone’ would be taken, so one Welsh woman made it her duty to make new ones, replacing them each time they were stolen!

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