Mum-of-eight hits back at trolls who tormented her for losing legs in childbirth

A mum-of-eight shared her ordeal after being attacked by trolls who made mean comments about her appearance.

Ella Clarke, from Torquay, suffered complications after giving birth to her eight child in 2015.

She had her legs amputated after going into an induced coma for five days.

Sharing before-and-after op pictures on her TikTok, Ella says: “It was only childbirth, how did I end up losing my legs?”

In later posts, she explained she started bleeding during labour and ended up developing severe blood clots in her legs.

The only way to save her was to amputate both her legs.

Ella had her legs amputated due to severe blood clots after giving birth to her eighth child

She said in her videos that a doctor came into her room and said: “We’re really, really sorry.

“My family were told to come and say goodbye. There were people dying all around me in intensive care, it really, really scared me.”

Ella, who is now fitted with prosthetic legs, realised her disability has made her eight kids kinder and very aware of people with disabilities.

“I’m happy, my kids are happy. It’s made them more understanding of people and their disabilities,” she added.

But online trolls tormented her by saying she “should keep (her) legs crossed so (she) wouldn’t lose them”.

She received mean comments from trolls online but she hit back and asked people to be kind
She received mean comments from trolls online but she hit back and asked people to be kind

In another clip, Ella hits back at another mean comment, saying: “I just want to reply to this woman, she said she is genuinely sad for me.

“Have I not made any bad choices? Nah, my eight children are not my bad choices I’ve ever made. You can’t go around and say that about people.

“Also you said I’m uneducated, I’m really not uneducated. Just because I have a big family does not make me uneducated.

“What gives you the right to talk down to somebody like that? Why can’t you just be kind? Does that make you 100 times better?”

She added: “It’s tough. No one would choose to be an amputee but it’s made me a stronger person.”

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