Mum praises ‘sassy’ son for his perfect response to creepy message from stranger

Parents Melissa and Jason Kent were so proud of their 10-year-old son Dexter, after he expertly picked up on a creepy fake profile and gave them a piece of his mind

Mum Melissa was so proud of her sassy son (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

A mum has praised her ‘sassy’ son, after he had the perfect comeback to an online creep who tried to lure him onto an inappropriate site while playing his Xbox.

Schoolboy Dexter Kent had been playing on his Xbox at home in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, when he received a suspicious message from what he believed to be a fake profile.

Fortunately the savvy 10-year-old knew to show his parents, Melissa and Jason Kent, right away, who advised him to delete the note, but before he blocked the unknown account he put them “firmly in their place.”

“I am sorry, but I am a 10-year-old male and I live in Gloucester,” Dexter messaged back.

“I can’t drink, have a family or any of the sort, and I was told that people like you are usually a 40-year-old man, and if that is the case, I strongly advise you to step away from the internet for a long time – some kid on the internet.”

Dexter wanted to give them a piece of his mind

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Mum Melissa has since hailed the incident a “parenting win” after her son put his “excellent command of language” to good use.

“It’s reassuring. We always check what’s going on but I’m so proud to have such a parenting win. We’d seen the answer via the mobile [online safety] app, where you can keep an eye on what’s going on and who he’s talking to,” the 45-year-old explained.

“We saw his response and my husband just fell about laughing. He came down to show me and I said ‘you’ve got screenshot that for me. We ought to put this on Facebook.’

“It made me laugh that he wanted to go back and put them in their place and the thing that made me laugh was the fact we don’t live in Gloucester as well. He gave them the wrong place to throw them off the scent. People are amazed by the amount of sass and eloquence of the answer.”

Melissa and dad Jason had already had the online safety chat with their son, so were absolutely thrilled when he came to them to alert them of the inappropriate message.

After a quick chat between them, the parents suggested Dexter delete the message and block the sender, but the youngster was keen to get his message across first – and it’s fair to say Melissa and Jason were impressed.

“He’s got an excellent command of language and his vocabulary is really quite special for a lad of his age. He does a lot of reading and he’s very interested in language. He’s always been spoken to as an adult so he’s not concerned about talking to an adult at all,” Melissa said.

“Kids can think like that. Kids are quite often underestimated on bright and astute they are. Not to just swear back and block them, but to go back and say ‘I think you’re wrong doing this’. It shows a certain level of maturity. He only just turned 10 two weeks ago.”

In fact, the mum was so impressed she decided to share the exchange on social media, and she was quickly inundated with comments calling Dexter a genius for his witty remark.

“Well…. that’s way better than what my son wrote to a similar advance. He wrote back: OK you creepy perv in my PS4, I’m nine,” one mum commented.

Meanwhile, another parent added: “That’s better than my nine-year-old’s response: ‘F*** off paedo.’ Yes, he got told off for the language but I did laugh secretly.”

A third wrote: “This just proves that if you teach the kids of dangers on the internet at an early age, instead of hiding them from it, they know the signs. Well done mumma and well done to your boy.”

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