Mum proudly shows off son’s ‘pick n mix’ lunchbox but one item totally divides opinion

MAKING our kids’ school lunchboxes is usually the last thing we do at night – so let’s be honest, they only ever consist of a slap-dash sandwich and whatever snacks we have lying around.

So with this in mind, we can’t blame any parents for trying to push the boat out and liven things up for their kids.

The mum proudly posted a photo of the varied lunchbox she’d made for her sonCredit: Facebook

Posting on the Facebook group Feed Your Family on a Budget, mum Naomi proudly shared a photo of the healthy lunch she’d prepped for her son.

She wrote: “My nearly 10 year old still gets so excited with a ‘pick n mix’ lunch.

“It’s a brilliant way to use up bits & bobs in the fridge & cupboards or even leftovers.”

Dividing his lunch into sections, Naomi gave her adventurous eater some olives, feta, berries, cheese and carrots.

In the biggest section, she added some lettuce leaves and cucumber slices – but it was the mushroom she added in on top that really got people talking.

“Ewwww my fella eats raw mushrooms,” one replied. “I dunno how you do it.”

“They’re supposed to be cooked,” another added.

“My 10 year old would be starving if I gave her this,” a third said. “She loves a pick n mix too…”

That said, other members of the group rallied around the mum and said white mushrooms are perfectly safe to eat raw.

“I think people are getting confused,” one supporter said. “White mushrooms you can eat raw! Some mushrooms you can’t.”

Praising the range of foods, another wrote: “All I can is if you can get a 10yr old to be excited about this lunch box.

“You’re winning at parenting!”

“Your ten year old has a very interesting palate,” a fan replied. “I’m impressed!”

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