Mum reveals how to spot the difference between choking or gagging in babies & it could save your child’s life

WHEN babies and children are eating solid food, you should always keep an eye on them in case they do start chocking.

It is most parents biggest fear that their children may get something stuck in their throat and choke so it’s always best to be at hand when little ones are eating.


Lauren Young posts lots of mummy and baby tips on her accountCredit: TikTok

But if you find yourself constantly worrying and getting anxious about your babies eating habits then you may want to keep reading.

Mummy blogger, Lauren Young often shares parenting advice on her TikTok account, lozzij, with her daughter Lilah.

Lauren is currently going through baby lead weaning with her daughter and shares some of her meals and tricks on her account.

Luckily, Lauren has a video discussing how to spot if your child is choking and why they may start gagging as they are introduced to solid foods, after one user asked how to tell the difference between them both.

In the caption she writes: “GAGGING WARNING & also contains a lot of ‘good girls’ but a lot of people wanted to know this.”

Lauren said: “Gagging is a totally normal reflex and it’s important to know the difference between gagging and choking.

“They gag because they are developing oral motor movements and can’t control the food in their mouths yet.

“Gagging brings the food forward into their mouths and actually prevents choking.

“Gagging is loud, they may cough, splurt or vomit.

“They will also go red (when gagging).”

Lauren goes on to then describe the signs of what choking looks like.

She said: “Choking is caused by an obstructed airway.

“Choking is silent.

“They may try to cough but they cannot, and they will turn blue.”

She ends the video saying parents should ALWAYS REMEMBER these handy words to know if your baby is choking or gagging.

Lauren said: “Loud and red, let them go ahead.

“Silent and blue, they need you.”

Young children when choking may also have a high-pitched sound when breathing in.

You should always be present when young children are eating.

“Im so scared of my baby choking that I’m feeding him,” the user adds “I’d love him to feed himself but it’s me that’s scared.”

Another user responded: “Great video! I can’t believe so many people in the comments are unaware and seem shocked by it…”

A third user commented: “This is amazing! So useful, thank you.”

You should always keep an eye on young children when eating


You should always keep an eye on young children when eatingCredit: TikTok

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