Mum uses Apple AirTag hack to track her children but people are divided

TikTok star Katie has left people divided after she shared her technique for keeping tabs on her kids, which involves her hiding Apple AirTags on their person and using them as geo-locaters

TikTok star Katie shared the hack which she thinks keeps her kids safe

A mother has left the internet divided after revealing she uses Apple AirTags to keep track of her children.

TikTok star Katie shared a video on the social media platform, detailing how she hides the devices on her kids – in the back of a bracelet that looks like a watch.

She said she does it so that she knows her kids are safe, but while some thought it was a great idea, others commented on the video to say she had gone too far.

One even said that it could place the children in more danger, as the location devices could be picked up by other iPhones and so other people could locate her children with ease if they wanted to.

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In the video, Katie writes: “When your littles start school and you wanna be able to make sure they’re safe.”

In the clip, she demonstrates the technique – where she puts the AirTags into ‘pop it bracelets’, one for each of her twins.

The clip has had over two million views since it was uploaded on Thursday, August 19, alongside thousands of likes and scores of comments.

One user said: “We sewed one into the liner of our daughter’s backpack, also one into the tongue of her shoe.”

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And another praised the idea, writing: “I think this is a fabulous idea – protect your babies!”

But another viewer, named Katie Speed, pointed out a pitfall, as she said: “My daughter found one of these on the playground and took it home. Later that day the dad showed up at my house asking for it.”

And another saw a different flaw and added: “But if your child was near my iPhone, my iPhone would alert me that an air tag was near and I could see their exact location. Not very smart.”

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