My fiancée announced she wants to be a stay-at-home-wife

A MAN has revealed that his soon-to-be wife has asked if she can be a stay-at-home-wife whilst he brings the bacon home.

The man anonymously posted to the subreddit, AITA, to ask others for their advice on the situation.


He said he was not okay with being the sole ‘bread-winner’Credit: Getty – Contributor

He states that he, 42-years-old, has been with his 33-year-old fiancée for over three years and popped the big question only a month ago.

One night whilst they were discussing wedding planning, his fiancée asked him if he would be okay with her being a stay-at-home-wife.

He said he laughed when she asked this as genuinely thought she was joking, but soon realised she was being very serious about the question.

The man writes: “she told me not to laugh and said she wants to be a stay-at-home wife.

“I asked her why as we both make pretty good money at our jobs, and we can’t afford our current lifestyle with just one income.”

She responded that he makes a lot more money than she does, which he also confirmed in his post that he makes around 40 percent more than she does.

She told her fiance they could scale back their lifestyle and added, “it’s been on my mind a lot – I think working 9-5 just isn’t for me.”

The man told his fiancée: “I’m not comfortable with that idea, and said maybe if we have kids she could be a stay-at-home mum but I’m not cool with her being a stay-at-home wife.”

She turned round to him and said he was being ‘manipulative’, but he said he only said it as a hypothetical scenario as he is not okay being the sole bread-winner.

The conversation turned into a pretty heated argument and she ended up going to her mums saying she would talk to him when he has calmed down.

She told her fiance that he should be ‘supporting her dreams’, he said he asked her what she would do when staying at home even though he asked her.

In the heat of the moment, he said: “Where is this coming from, why is it your dream to be a stay-at-home wife? is it your dream to be lazy?”

This is when his fiancée left to stay with her mum.

He ends the post writing: “I’ll be real here, I don’t want her to be a stay at home wife, I’m not okay with being the sole breadwinner, and I do not wish to support this ‘dream.’

“I want a partner in life, not a dependant doing nothing productive with their days.”

The top liked comment read: “NTA. So she waits until you propose and she thinks she has you wrapped around her finger to tell you her “dream” of being lazy and then has the nerve to say that you’re the manipulative one? Jesus”

Another user responded: “NTA. It’s weird to me that you guys have been dating for 3 years, and this conversation hasn’t come up until 1 month after being engaged.”

A third wrote: “NTA. Being a SAHM is a job.. being a stay at home wife is being a freeloader”

After it turned into a heated argument, she left to stay with her mum


After it turned into a heated argument, she left to stay with her mumCredit: Getty

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