‘My husband told me our marriage is over via text – and now I’m heartbroken’

Having to break off a relationship is never easy and finding the right method to do it can be even harder.

Well not for this one man who decided to break off his marriage with his wife over text.

The heartbroken woman took to Reddit to share her shocking story that has received a staggering response from fellow online users.

She explained in the original post: “This morning my husband sent me a text message. I don’t want to misinterpret it, so here is exactly what he said.”

The post then included the text from the now estranged husband, which read: “I’m sorry, coming home I feel like I’ve woken up and felt the calling for what I need to do in life.

“This journey is something I need to do on my own. We were fine but if I came back home, I would just cry until I wasn’t home sick.”

The man revealed he wasn’t coming back home

The text continued to read: “I would always deep down know that I needed to listen to the calling and follow it.

“I want to separate and I’m not coming back.”

Ouch! That really is a notification you would not want to wake up to in the morning.

The original poster continued to share the story of why the husband left her in the first place.

She added: “He left on a trip to visit his family that he hasn’t seen in a while. He’s having fun, his social media is full of smiles.”

Sadly, the devastated woman admitted: “I am truly lost. We have a life across the country here. Everything is under his name. Why can’t I come there?

“Why does his journey not include me, his wife.”

After reading the harrowing story the woman posted, many took to the comment section to offer her some advice.

One Reddit user commented: “Mid life crisis? Brain tumour? You married an a**hole? Hometown affair?”

Stressed woman using cell phone
She turned to the internet for advice

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They added: “Whatever it is, I’d start getting my ducks in a row to divorce him for abandonment. Could you even forgive this? Do you have kids? Is he REALLY with family, or shacking up?”

Another user wrote: “You deserve a partner who respects you and your relationship. Even if he wants to come back after some unknown amount of time, how could you love and trust him the same when his love for you is fleeting.”

While a third person said: “Chances are in a couple months he’s going to realise what an idiot he is being. Please, please let it be too late.”

The original poster provided an update on her shocking revelation.

She revealed: “This a** has ignored all my calls and messages. Apparently once he makes arrangements, he will come back for one day to grab his stuff and go. He’s insisting I take over our current lease. I can’t afford this lease alone. Talking to a lawyer tomorrow.”

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