‘My husband wanted an open relationship – until I fell in love with another man’

A woman said that she had reluctantly agreed to enter into an open relationship with her partner, but to her surprise, she soon met a man she connected with more and soon they fell in love

A woman was left conflicted after entering into an open relationship and falling for the other man

A woman said she reluctantly entered into an open relationship with her husband – but now she’s leaving him as she’s fallen in love with another man.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she felt very secure with her husband and that life was good – so she was shocked when he suggested they become polyamorous.

She felt so secure that she reluctantly agreed, but soon she felt crushed when her husband had lined up dates for most nights of the week and she was home alone.

But then, when she did finally meet another man, she soon grew feelings for him that were stronger than for her husband – and now her new man has asked her to be monogamous with him.

The woman wasn’t expecting to find love


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Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “He came to me asking for an open relationship, he was obviously researching it. He framed it how it would be good for me and good for him just showing all the positives about that kind of stuff.

“I was so secure in our relationship I figured, ‘you know what, why not’, even though I didn’t really want it. I should’ve stuck up for myself more but honestly, maybe this was meant to happen.

“He must’ve had someone in mind because right away he already had two women lined up and was seeing them.

“We work full-time so we have our evenings to spend time together and do our hobbies together but suddenly he’s out on dates. A lot. It’s really hurt me and I tried talking with him but he was kind of manipulative and I see it now.”

After putting up with her husband going out on dates, the woman finally lined one up for herself and went to meet him.

She continued: “I finally started meeting other people online and chatting, I met one man who is very handsome and a really great guy.

“I’ve never felt these feelings before, my husband and I kind of had a slow burn that got better with time but this is just something completely different – we connect on a totally different level.

“The sex is better, the conversations are better, and honestly we seem like a better fit.

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“I’ve even opened up and told him about this open relationship and I didn’t really want it and all the things that go with it. He confessed that he’s been waiting to see if it was possible we could be together and be monogamous.

“I’m planning on leaving my husband – he whines and moans that I’m going out too often, but I just kind of tell him the same thing he told me and do it anyway. He said he wants to talk about going back to normal.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users were quick to comment their opinion and say the woman had done nothing wrong.

One said: “He was right. It showed what was lacking in your relationship. Thank him for being so wise!”

While another added: “Make sure to have your things in order before confronting him. He manipulated you once and you don’t want to be manipulated out of things you have a right to because you’re asking for a divorce.”

“He opened a pandora’s box now you’re both facing an eventual fallout,” said a third user. “That’s why before opening up a relationship, lots of discussions should be held before diving into that kind of lifestyle.”

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