My mother-in-law announced our baby’s name before he was born

A DEVASTATED mum-to-be has taken to an online forum for advice as her mother-in-law exposes the name she had picked for her unborn child.

After keeping the sentimental name a secret for months, one woman’s husband spilt the beans after a few drinks, which led to her mother-in-law announcing the name to the whole family.


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The mum-of-two, who posts under the name Kimberly on netmums, says she can’t stop crying now that the first and middle name, which was after her own grandfather has been shared with her husband’s family.

“I decided I didn’t want to announce the middle name until the baby was born because I knew my mother in law would have something to say about it being after my family, ” Kimberly said.

She added: “My husband’s parents are older so he never knew his grandparents and there isn’t anyone on his side he would name the baby after, our other son has his name as a middle name.”

What astounded Kimberly the most was the way in which her mother-in-law announced the name to the family – writing it in a book at a family memorial that Kimberly could not attend.

“My MIL decided to write a paragraph in the book on our behalf because we weren’t there – we didn’t ask her to or know about it she just said she thought it was a ‘nice gesture'” Kimberly said.

She added: She wrote love from all of our names and then the baby’s first AND middle name! I’m so annoyed.”

The memorial her mother-in-law attended, was for someone who had the same name that she had chosen for the baby, and Kimberly is upset as it looks like the baby is now named after this person.

“Not only because she announced the baby’s name in a book that pretty much all of my husband’s side of the family will see” Kimberly said.

She added, “but because she made it look like we’ve chosen his middle name after her friend who’s passed away and not my grandad.”

Kimberly says that it is perhaps partially due to her hormones, as she is 31 weeks pregnant, but she cannot stop crying.

Kimberly asks the other members on the forum if she should consider changing the babies name due to what has happened.

“I hadn’t even told my own mum what the middle name was and I feel like everyone knows. Anyone got any advice on how to handle this? Should I change the name?” Kimberly asked.

The mum received 17 answers with many stating that Kimberly shouldn’t change the babies name.

One person commented: “Hiya, I am there with you on the whole annoyance and hurt you going through now. However, I want to suggest not to change your baby’s name, do not give your MIL that power.”

Another said: “I wouldn’t change the middle name I don’t think you’re being hormonal I think your MIL is sticking her nose where she shouldn’t have.”

Other’s suggested that the mum tweak the name to make it even more personal to her grandfather’s memory.

“Some people have 2 middle names, if you know your grandad’s middle name, add that in too, so there is no doubt about who his middle names refer to,” said one person.

Another suggested: “Have you considered keeping the first and middle name but swapping them about so it looks like she’s a bit ditzy and can’t even get the name right of her grandchild?”

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Annoyed mum-to-be is upset her baby's name is exposed


Annoyed mum-to-be is upset her baby’s name is exposedCredit: Getty
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