‘My sister accidentally named her baby after a famous pig and won’t change it’

A woman warned her sister that one of her choices of baby names for her twins resembled the famous pig from Charlotte’s Web

It’s stressful enough choosing the right baby name – whatever moniker you choose your kids will grow up to love or hate you for it.

Unless of course you’re a celebrity and names like Apple, Ocean and North are the norm.

Most inspiration for baby names comes from film, literature, poetry or even late relatives.

So when one lady called her son after a character from her beloved novel, it didn’t sit well with her sister when she found out the name she’d be using.

According to the Mirror, she told Reddit: “For baby one, she is going to name him Oliver Lee. That’s a decent name right? Baby two is going to be named…. Wilbur Felix. Like the pig off of Charlotte’s Web.”

The sister worried people would make jokes about Charlotte’s Webb if she called the baby Wilbur

The sister continued: “I tried to be supportive when she told me. I just don’t think it’s a good name. A good first name at least.

“I think he will be bullied at school, especially if he is a little chubby.”

The sister responded by saying she doesn’t think her kid will be bullied as lots of children these days don’t even know what Charlotte’s Web is.

Her sibling explained: “She told me that I was being a jerk and that it’s a very nice name.”

She responded by saying that she could name him whatever she wants but that it’s setting the kid up to be teased.

The sister said: “She could just give him a normal first name and use it as his middle name instead.”

The post garnered a lot of attention on Reddit – and people were split on who is in the right.

One person commented: “For her, I don’t blame her for being upset. For you, well, she did ask you. I think it’s good to think a little bit about potential bullying.”

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