Mysterious flashing light seen in River Thames baffles witnesses as some blame aliens

A mysterious flashing light seen lurking beneath the surface of the River Thames has sparked wild suggestions about what’s behind it – including aliens.

Juliana Asyaevich shared the baffling video of the light to a Facebook group for Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs residents on Sunday (August 15).

It shows a white light repeatedly flashing underwater in the middle of the iconic river.

She asked fellow residents in east London what the sight could be, according to MyLondon, and received some extremely varied replies.

One suggested it could be a traffic beacon, which can be “pretty waterproof”.

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The strange flashing light seen just below the surface of the River Thames

“Whoever threw it out that far should join the Olympic discuss team,” joked one resident in response.

Others believed little green men were to blame. “It’s a UFO,” one joked. “Unidentifiable Floating Object.”

Another theorised that the light could be coming “not from below, but above”, attaching an alien emoji.

But they weren’t even the most outlandish claims, with one viewer blaming “Nemo with a torch” for the light.

Some viewers joked aliens could be to blame
Some viewers joked aliens could be to blame

One Facebook commenter said the light could be coming from “an underwater party hosted by Sadiq Khan.”

Another said: “It’s a rare popo fish. Swim Nemo, they’re gonna nick you.”

It comes after what seemed like a UFO was filmed “deploying two objects” in the night sky in Brazil.

While some viewers agreed the sighting was proof of alien lifeforms, others had a rather more plausible explanation.

“Now this is a Chinese lantern and the parts falling are pieces of it in flames falling apart as it is burning up,” a sceptic said.

Meanwhile, the UK’s top military brass have refused to rule out the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs.

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