Nail Artist Makes a Design with an iPhone Charger Attached, Netizens Like It

The oddly simple manicure has only evolved by leaps and bounds. Nail art has become an integral part of an equivalent. Creators are at their innovative best as they are available with new designs for their customers.

However, their creativity goes down the outlandish route also. A page called ‘ilysmnails’ is an example. The artist came up with a futuristic design that consisted of an iPhone charger tip. Later, it had been even wont to charge the phone also.

Cannot believe it? Well, here’s the video as proof.

Take a look:


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Calling it ‘iPhone Nail Charger,’ a wire was also attached with it so that it is often used for what it’s. However, the artist also advised that this could not be tried reception.

This is not the sole time a bizarre nail art has gone viral. A clip showed a ‘spring onion’ manicure that involved the vegetables’ roots being attached to the nails many months ago.

For obvious reasons, the clip has gone viral. Netizens were quite intrigued by the planningsuch a lot so, many even lauded the artist’s creativity as well! “That’s super cool,” one user said.

“Girl, you’re living within the future; this is often exactly what we all need,” another user exclaimed. a 3rd user said, “Ok, but the charger tip is quite a glance .”

This very page is crammed with other such nail arts that have definitely fascinated the web.

What does one consider the ‘iPhone Nail Charger’?

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