NELK Boys’ SteveWillDoIt discovers he’s on MTV’s CatFish: How to watch

YouTube prankster SteveWillDoIt is being featured in an upcoming episode of MTV’s CatFish — but not in the way fans probably expect.

If you’ve ever channel-surfed through late night reality TV shows, you’re probably familiar with MTV’s CatFish. The program’s premise is pretty straightforward; with the help of the show’s hosts, dating app users investigate to figure out if the person they’ve been texting is actually the one behind their profile picture.

Catfishing is a fairly popular term used to refer to people who use fake photos (perhaps overly-filtered pics, or even stealing someone else’s photos outright) on their dating app profiles. This can lead to some awkward situations when they meet up with their date in-person.

MTV’s CatFish has made a pretty decent profit out of this modern phenomenon — and one of its upcoming episodes will feature a major social media star behind one of YouTube’s biggest channels.

YouTube: SteveWillDoIt

SteveWillDoIt is set to appear in an upcoming episode of MTV’s CatFish – although the person behind his social media profile isn’t actually him.

SteveWillDoIt on CatFish

SteveWillDoIt is one of the minds behind the group of infamous internet pranksters known as the NELK Boys, who have racked up an impressive 6.8 million subscribers on their main channel.

While they have a penchant for getting into trouble (like that time they got Illinois State University students fined for throwing a party mid-pandemic), they’re also incredibly charitable, with Steve giving away thousands of dollars to fans.

(You can catch the episode preview in the Instagram post below.)

It seems that one dating app user has been pilfering Steve’s online presence for their own gain, as a recent teaser of an upcoming CatFish episode revealed — and Steve was quick to share the preview to his Instagram stories.

When to watch SteveWillDoIt CatFish episode

Viewers can catch SteveWillDoIt’s CatFish appearance via MTV on August 24. The episode will follow Instagrammer Diamond, who has struck up a one-sided romance with someone pretending to be Steve.

When the person behind the profile refuses to meet up, Diamond turns to CatFish’s Nev and Kamie for help.

It’s unclear if the actual SteveWillDoIt will feature in the episode to cheer Diamond up — but knowing him, he’ll have a hilarious response to the situation, either way.

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