Netflix Adventure Movie ‘Loteria’: What We Know So Far

netflix original movie loteria

Loteria & Eugenio Derbez – Pictures: Netflix & Getty Images

Adding to its collection of Latin American content, Netflix will develop Loteria, a family adventure film inspired by the iconic Loteria Don Clemente card game. Eugenio Derbez (Coda) will produce and star in the project.

The movie will be directed by Emmy nominee James Bobin (Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Alice through a Looking Glass) and scripted by Roberto Orci (Transformers, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible III) and JR Orci (The Blacklist, Fringe). Roberto Orci and Adele Heather Taylor have written the story.

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Derbez and producing partner Ben Odell will produce under their 3Pas banner alongside Eric and Kim Tannenbaum.

Here’s everything else we know about Netflix’s Loteria:

What’s the plot of Loteria?


The story follows Derbez, a recently widowed father looking to bond with his children over a deck of Loteria Don Clemente cards when they come to life. The family ends up on a globe-trotting journey to keep the deck from falling into the hands of a villainous business magnate. Referred to as Mexican Bingo, Loteria dates back to 15th century Italy. The colorful imagery and version of the game played today were created and popularized by Don Clemente Jacques in 1887.

Like bingo, Lotería Don Clemente is a popular game of chance that uses a 54-card deck with colorful images instead of numbered balls. Players use a board featuring a grid of 16 images (four images in rows of four) to be marked with a chip as the caller announces the name of a card. Whoever claims all the images called making the predetermined pattern first, wins the game.

Here’s the official logline for Netflix’s Loteria:

“A recently widowed father (Eugenio Derbez) looking to bond with his kids ends up with more than he bargained for when an old family deck of Lotería Don Clemente cards come to life. The family is whisked on a globe-trotting journey to uncover the secrets of the deck and keep it from falling into the hands of a mysterious business magnate with devious plans.”

Who is cast in Loteria?

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It was announced by Netflix that Emmy award winner Eugenio Derbez (CODA, Overboard) will play the lead role of the widowed father. No other cast has been announced as of July 2021.

What’s the production status of Loteria?

Netflix hasn’t announced any production dates for Loteria yet, but we are hoping to learn them soon.

What’s the Netflix release date for Loteria?

No release date for Loteria has been announced by Netflix but we can expect the movie sometime in 2022.

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