Netflix Losing 2 CBS Shows in September

Netflix subscribers, you’re going to want to act fast if you want to catch up on two CBS shows on the streaming service. By the end of September, both Evil and The Unicorn will be leaving Netflix. Luckily though, that means that you’ll still have time if you want to catch up on all of the action.

There are a ton of new movies and television programs that will be making their way to Netflix in September. Of course, that also means that many programs will be leaving the service during the month. Evil and The Unicorn are two of the shows that will be departing Netflix in September. Both of the shows, which originally premiered on CBS, will leave Netflix on Sept. 30. While The Unicorn was canceled earlier this year, Evil was granted another season to air on CBS’ streaming service, Paramount+. Season 2 of Evil is currently airing exclusively on the streaming platform.

Unlike Evil, The Unicorn did not get another chance to shine on Paramount+. In May, CBS announced that they would not be moving forward with another season of the series. Season 2 of The Unicorn wrapped in March. There was some speculation that there would be another season of the show due to its critical acclaim and a strong cast. However, Deadline reported that CBS was only considering picking it up for Season 3 if the producers cut down on costs by moving the production. Ultimately, the network decided not to move forward with The Unicorn, which starred Walton Goggins as a widower taking care of his two daughters.

When it was first announced that The Unicorn was canceled, Goggins took to social media to send a message to the fans. In his message, he wrote that the cancellation was, of course, not what he hoped for in regards to the outcome. But, he noted that even though the show was canceled, it would live on due to its message of “learning how to live again.”

“Our story was about learning how to live again after losing a spouse, a mother… a friend,” Goggins wrote. “I wanted to tell this story because I’ve been thru it… one of our creators went thru it… I’ve had upwards of ten friends go thru this very thing and given what has transpired in the last year so many around the world find themselves in similar situations.” The actor went on to say that he has spoken to many fans of the series who have been able to relate to the show’s message. He ended his caption by issuing his gratitude to those very fans and to those who worked alongside him on The Unicorn.

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