Netflix’s ‘Monsters Inside’ Trailer Released: Case Of Billy Milligan

The new Netflix docuseries, Monsters Inside tells the fascinating story of Billy Milligan. He was the first person ever to be acquitted of a major crime due to suffering a dissociative identity disorder. Milligan stood accused of armed robbery and a string of three rapes in the late 1970s. However, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, as his defense centered around the dissociative identity disorder diagnosis. The not-guilty verdict came despite clear proof of his crimes.

Netflix releases Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan

In 1977, Billy Milligan was arrested on armed robbery charges and for a string of rapes at Ohio State University. The evidence clearly pointed to Milligan being responsible for the attacks. However, when taken into custody, he claimed he had no memory of the assaults.

At the time of Milligan’s arrest, the diagnosis was known as multiple personality disorder but these days is dubbed a dissociative identity disorder. In fact, his doctors determined that he had at least 24 distinct multiple personalities in his mind. Milligan’s diagnosis became the basis of his defense. He went on to become the first person to be acquitted of a major crime based on the fact that he suffered from a dissociative identity disorder.

In the Netflix trailer, we hear Milligan saying how it always bugs him when people call him Billy. However, he says he doesn’t say anything really, adding, “I’m not Billy.” Later in the trailer, he says, “I guess every time I wake up, someone said I did something bad.”

Is Billy Milligan a narcissistic sociopath?

Despite the fact that Milligan was found not guilty by reason of insanity, the Netflix trailer teases other fascinating possibilities. It turns out there were many people who believed Milligan was actually a narcissistic sociopath. They believe he was capable of faking those multiple personalities.

One reporter says in the trailer that people who knew him said that for him, lying was a way of life. Another person in the trailer says Milligan should have received an Academy Award for the performance he’d put on.

The court’s decision split the country, with people protesting at his innocence. One person asks, “Is it a hoax? Has he been faking it?”  Viewers can likely make up their own minds while watching the four-part Netflix series, Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan.

The series will feature interviews with the Milligan family, as well as doctors, law enforcement professionals and friends. It also features Milligan himself, trying to convince the world of his innocence. He died of cancer on December 12, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio.

Netflix trailer and release date

Readers can watch the trailer for the Netflix docuseries here:

Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan will debut on Netflix on September 22.


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