NLE Choppa’s ‘Mmm Hmm’ Video Treats Some Friends To Lavish Gifts

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa flies a few female friends to a tropical island then does a hilarious Dr. Miami impression in the self-directed video for his new single “Mmm Hmm.” Employing a rapid-fire flow over a rubbery beat backed by a noodling electric guitar, Choppa boasts about his lavish lifestyle and promises to spend his money on a female companion (“If she want her a butt, I’ll buy her a butt” he jibes as he dons a surgical smock and plays Tic-Tac-Toe on a model’s posterior).

For someone who recently said he was retiring from rap to start an herbalism business, Choppa’s been pretty busy on the musical front in 2021, dropping a freestyle to “Beat Box,” channeling Tupac on “Picture Me Grapin,” trading bars with Big Sean on “Moonlight,” and providing the theme song for 50 Cent’s latest installment of Power.

In the midst of all this, he also stumbled a bit as well, getting arrested in Florida this spring on charges including carrying a concealed firearm and possession of drugs. While he did announce he was turning over a new leaf recently, it looks like it won’t be an overnight lifestyle change. Meanwhile, it appears he’s keeping himself busy with songs like “Mmm Hmm,” suggesting a follow-up to his debut album Top Shotta may be forthcoming.

Watch NLE Choppa’s “Mmm Hmm” video above.

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