No Big Deal That Hospitals Overflowing With Dying COVID Patients

As Covid cases continue to surge across the United States, and more and more hospitals report staff and bed shortages, Marjorie Taylor Greene would like to remind people of one little thing: we’re all going to die one day.

The QAnon-loving GOP representative, who has spent much of this year bellyaching about wearing masks on Capitol Hill and claiming that questioning her vaccination status violated her HIPAA rights, addressed the devastating toll the new Delta variant has had on hospitals around the country in an unsurprisingly heartless way. Greene went on a conservative daytime talk show to share her thoughts on media reports detailing the dire situation many healthcare facilities are facing as unvaccinated Covid patients continue to flood emergency rooms and take up space in the ICU.

“I’ve talked to local hospitals in my state,” Greene said after some fearmongering about what an FDA approval might mean for vaccine mandates. “Yes, the waiting rooms get full, but guess what? The waiting rooms are full of all kinds of things, not just Covid.”

Greene went on to list what a few of those things might be: car accidents, cancer, other illnesses, trauma. Hypothetically, a child who got a marble wedged too far up his nose might be there too. Her point is this, people: humans are walking accident magnets, so we should just throw in the towel now and not count on doctors and nurses to help us. No really, that’s Greene’s actual advice for anyone worried that an increase in Covid patients might mean they won’t have a bed should an unexpected health emergency strike.

“Everyone needs to get back down to common sense,” the woman who blamed Jewish people for creating space lasers unironically said. “We’re human. We can’t live forever. We’re going to catch all kinds of diseases and other viruses.”

Naturally, Twitter was happy to drag her plague-welcoming self, though she probably won’t see it since the platform just suspended her for spreading more vaccine misinformation.

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