NY Parent Calls Cops When School Removes Child for Not Wearing Mask

  • A parent in New York called the cops because school security pulled their child from class for refusing to wear a mask.
  • In total, six students at Islip Middle School were sent to the gym because they weren’t wearing masks.
  • A police spokesperson told The New York Post an officer took a report but said it wasn’t a police matter.

A parent in Long Island, New York, called the police because their child refused to wear a face mask and was pulled from class and placed in an auditorium with five other children who wouldn’t wear them. 

According to the New York Post, six students at Islip Middle School were escorted out of class by school security guards because they didn’t comply with a school policy requiring masks in schools.

“As discussed with our community previously, any district student who does not adhere to the mask mandate will be brought to an alternative location where students are advised to either put on a mask or wait for their parent/guardian to pick them up,”  Islip Superintendent Dennis O’Hara told ABC 7.

According to ABC 7, the parent called Suffolk County police around 9:50 a.m. Thursday — the first day of class in the school district. 

A police spokesperson told The New York Post that the issue was not a police matter but said an officer “took a report.” 

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul at the end of August 24 announced she directed the state health department to require all students, staff, and visitors at schools would be required to wear masks in school buildings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July recommend all students and faculty at US schools wear masks during the school day, regardless of their vaccination status. 

Masks in school have been at the forefront of political debate across the US as the new school year begins, as school officials attempt to require them to prevent COVID-19-related school closures. GOP governors in states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee, meanwhile, have worked to ban schools from requiring them for students.

No children were maskless at the middle school on Friday, a district spokesperson told ABC 7. 

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