Olivia Plath Reveals Whether She & Ethan Will Have Kids Soon

Olivia Plath is getting real with her fans and is discussing her plans for the future. The Welcome to Plathville star gave her social media followers a chance to ask her questions via her Instagram stories.

She received lots of questions about her personal life, her photography business, and her relationship with her husband, Ethan Plath. One of the questions that a fan asked her is about kids. This isn’t the first time Olivia and Ethan have addressed their plans for having kids.

Olivia Plath & Ethan Plath // Ethan Plath Instagram
Ethan Plath Instagram

In December 2020, Olivia and Ethan were interviewed by Peopleand they discussed their future plans for their family.

In that interview, they said that they would have kids a couple of years down the road. “Ethan and I both love kids. We’re both from large families, and we would definitely love to have a couple of kids. I think our ideal would be to have a few of our own and then adopt a few. But I also know that in many ways, we’re not ready for kids and the fact that we need to heal and process our own childhoods before we bring another child into the world,” said Olivia.

She added that they are in therapy. She said, “I think maybe once we’ve gone through some therapy, we feel like we’ve processed our childhoods and we’re ready to not just react when we have our own kids, but actually like, take positive steps for a better childhood for them,” she explains. “And maybe once we’ve seen a little bit more of the world and made a couple more memories, I think maybe we’d be ready for a couple of kids.”

Will Ethan and Olivia Plath have kids soon?

During Olivia’s Instagram Q&A, a fan wrote, “You guys would make beautiful babies… are they in your near future?”

In response, Olivia shared a snap of herself and Ethan and wrote, “Why thank you, yes we would. And nope, no baby plans anytime soon. We both just stepped out of a parental role with our younger siblings and are eager to have some time to ourselves.”

Olivia is pretty active on social media and will probably share more updates when she and Ethan are ready to add to their family. For now, they seem to be enjoying their time together and working on growing on their own.

On social media, Olivia has been open about challenging relationships, therapy, and becoming the person she truly wants to be. She and Ethan appear to be prioritizing working through these things and may start a family in the future.

So, are you excited to see what’s next for Ethan and Olivia Plath? Will you be watching the new season of Welcome to Plathville? Let us know in the comments below.

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