Olivia Plath Reveals Why She Doesn’t Always Wear Her Wedding Ring

Welcome to Plathville fans have noticed that Olivia Plath doesn’t always wear her wedding ring, which has caused some concern. So, when Olivia gave fans an opportunity to ask her questions on social media, plenty of her followers asked why she doesn’t wear her ring. They wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong between Ethan and Olivia and that they aren’t splitting up.

Olivia Plath Instagram
Olivia Plath Instagram

One fan writes, “Are you and Ethan still married? I never see your wedding ring.”

Olivia said this is the question she received the most. She offered fans an explanation, writing:

“People comment on the fact that I don’t always wear my wedding ring and make so many assumptions. Sometimes I wear my ring, sometimes I don’t for two reasons: a) forgetfulness. I take it off when I sleep, when I shower, when I cook, when I hike/adventure, etc. and often forget to put it back on. And b) I often don’t wear my ring when I travel solo and am afraid of damage, theft, or being forgetful and leaving it at a hotel. Hence, why it’s often off in travel/wedding/adventure photos. You can come at me but that’s the truth and it has nothing to do with commitment levels.”

Welcome to Plathville fans know that Olivia is a wedding photographer. For her job, she has to travel all over the country to photograph weddings, so she’s always on the go.

Olivia Plath shares sweet words about her relationship.

In the Q&A session, another fan asked Olivia about Ethan and what he brings to their relationship. In response, Olivia shared a cute photo of the couple and listed the top five best things in their relationship, thanks to Ethan. She writes, “Stability, dependability, calmness, humor, and logic.”

Based on her response to the ring questions and this sweet post about Ethan, it sounds like the pair is doing well. Without a doubt, their family issues have been difficult, but they are working through those problems and are hopeful about the future.

You can see more of Ethan and Olivia’s relationship on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville. The show returns Tuesday, August 24 at 10 PM ET on TLC.

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