One Agent Faces Scary Injury in ‘Sea Cave Recon’ Mission (Exclusive)

The Challenge is taking things to a whole new level on Spies, Lies, and Allies, and the next daily mission is set to prove that point. In an exclusive clip from Wednesday’s daily mission, new partners Michele Fitzgerald and Corey Lay do their best to succeed in the mission in order to avoid another elimination. However, the rocky terrain of the mission’s location may put a wrench in their plans.

In this week’s mission, called Sea Cave Recon, the agents are tasked with recovering two “bombs.” Since this is The Challenge, it won’t be as easy as it sounds. The agents will have to recover the first bomb within the depths of the violent Croatian seas, head into the case to retrieve the second bomb, swim to a Waverunner that will drag them to a checkpoint, and then swim the rest of the way to the checkpoint in order to deactivate their bombs.

Michele and Corey, and new partners Tori Deal and Ed Eason, all try their hand at Sea Cave Recon in this exclusive sneak peek. As the Survivor alum explains, it’s important for her and Corey to win the mission, as they are the only partnership to have had both individuals face elimination. Additionally, since Michele and Corey are both rookies, they’re even more of a target for this season’s vet alliance. In the clip, she explains, “I see the writing on the wall. The vets have made a pact, and their pact is to get out all the rookie teams before they start pointing their guns at each other.” Michele adds, “So, it is critical that Corey L. and I win today’s challenge.”

Once host TJ Lavin sounds his horn, both duos plunge into the water to retrieve their first bomb. But, Corey quickly notices that Michele hurt herself in the midst of the fray, as she has blood running down her face. He tells the camera, “All I see is this gushing blood down Michele’s face. I know in this moment I cannot tell her about it because she might psych herself out. If Michele’s bleeding for this thing, I cannot let her down.”

Will Michele and Corey be able to win the daily mission despite her apparent injury? Or will the vets continue to pick off the rookies? Fans can tune in to The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. to see how all of the drama plays out. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.

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