‘OutDaughtered’ Hazel Busby Eye Health Update: August 2021

OutDaughtered fans that have been following along with the Busbys since the beginning, know that Hazel has an eye condition. Hazel has nystagmus. Ultimately, nystagmus causes her eyes to involuntarily move. Hazel got to see the eye doctor for the first time since COVID. While her parents were worried about what the doctor would say, Hazel ends up getting good news.

OutDaughtered parents Adam and Danielle Busby are worried about Hazel’s eyes

Earlier in the series, Hazel had to have eye surgery. While watching the show, viewers could tell that this was noticeably hard on Adam and Danielle Busby. So, when there was the possibility that Hazel would have to have surgery again, they were devasted. However, since her first surgery, they’ve been able to manage with glasses, an eye patch, and medication. Additionally, Hazel has to go to the eye doctor every 3-5 months.

In an eye appointment before this one, the Busbys got good news. Hazel was able to ditch her eye patch. However, fans found her to be quite adorable with the extra accessory. In an official update from the Busbys on their blog, fans get more details about Hazel’s eyes.

Instagram Adam Busby

Apparently, Adam and Danielle Busby were starting to get concerned about Hazel’s eyes. This is for a couple of reasons. Due to COVID, the last few appointments Hazel had were virtual. Understandably so, the Busbys seem to recognize that they weren’t getting a full exam this way. Another reason why Hazel’s parents were starting to get concerned is that they feel like they were starting to see more head-turning from Hazel.  OutDaughtered fans may recognize that the head-turning is one of the ways Hazel compensates for her vision.

Hazel sees the doctor in person for the first time since COVID

So, since it’d been a while since Hazel had actually seen a doctor in person, Danielle seems like she is convinced that Dr. Meagan was going to want to do surgery. Luckily, the Busbys get good news. Hazel just needed new medication.

Now, it seems like Danielle is relieved that Hazel doesn’t need eye surgery. She also seems relieved that she and Adam won’t have to “divide and conquer” for Hazel’s appointment for a few more months. Hazel’s eye doctor is in Austin, Texas. From the looks of the blog post and YouTube video, Danielle did not have it easy this time while Adam and Hazel were in Austin. When she woke up, Beaux was sick. So she had to go back and forth to the vet with all of the girls that were home.

Are you happy to learn that Hazel’s eyes seem to be doing better? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.



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