‘Overworked’ Zac Efron’s Friends Panicked About His Health?

Zac Efron in a black suit

Is Zac Efron putting his health in jeopardy by taking on too many projects? One tabloid insists the Baywatch star is risking his sobriety by overbooking himself. Gossip Cop investigates.

Zac Efron ‘Spread Too Thin’?

A recent edition of Us Weekly reports Zac Efron is having no problem finding work, but those close to him fear his busy schedule could have a negative effect on his health. An inside source dishes to the tabloid, “Zac just wrapped the Firestarter remake and only has a short break before heading to Thailand for another film,” adding, “His friends are worried about all the bad influences that will be around him there.”

But the outlet notes that Efron isn’t taking a real break any time soon. “He then only has a few weeks off before he starts shooting the Three Men and a Baby reboot.” Of course, the magazine informs readers that Efron has been vocal about his previous struggle with addiction and how the star is to celebrate seven years sober this year. “It was an overwhelming amount of pressure,” said Efron about his journey to sobriety, “It’s a lot to handle.”

Zac Efron Risking Relapse By Working Too Hard?

Does this tabloid realize Efron has a whole Netflix show about healthy living? We’re sure the actor has picked up a thing or two about handling stress. Besides, Efron is a professional. Since the star is worth a reported $25 million, we doubt he’s taking on these projects because he’s desperate for money. It’s far more likely that Efron is taking on these projects because they interest him and he’s passionate about them. We’re sure these acting gigs aren’t too much for the Efron to handle.

Furthermore, we seriously doubt the tabloid is talking to anyone truly close to Efron. It’s highly offensive to speculate about his sobriety, especially given his previous addiction struggles. The truth is that the magazine made up a story about how Efron is dangerously close to relapse because it wanted to sell magazines and nothing more. This article is nothing short of shameful.

Other Bogus Stories From This Tabloid

Us Weekly is simply not a reliable source. This is the same magazine that keeps peddling the conspiracy theory that somehow Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are secretly dating. Last year, the outlet also claimed Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were having twins. And recently, the tabloid reported Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were getting married. Obviously readers should be wary of anything the magazine reports.

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