Parrot plays peekaboo with baby birds; video goes viral

We all know that cockatiels are intelligent birds. Recently, a video of cockatiel went viral where the bird is saying ‘peekaboo’ and then ducking to hide away from the baby birds has emerged on social media.

Most of us want to play peekaboo with babies, from children to adults, because it is a game and a way to connect.

One such video of a cockatiel enjoying and bonding with bird babies has gone crazy viral on social media. The video recorded in Bursa, Turkey, shows a cockatiel, a parrot species, playing peekaboo with bird babies.

The bird’s owner, Neşeli Kanatlar, shared this video on Instagram.

In the video, a cockatiel is seen with three baby birds inside a porcelain bowl. The happy cockatiel can be seen saying ‘peekaboo’ and then bending to hide away from the baby birds. Though the birds look surprised and confused, the brilliant way cockatiel connects with its baby brothers is just too cute to watch.

After being shared online, the video has accumulated over 39k views and several comments. Social media users were showering the love and liked the adorable video. Watch the video.

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