‘Passive aggressive’ note teaches dog walkers how to clean up after their pets

A ‘passive aggressive’ note that teaches dog owners how to clean up after their pets was spotted in Sheffield, and it is believed to have been left by an angry resident

An angry resident left a note for dog walkers

A ‘passive aggressive’ note teaching dog walkers how to clean up after their pets has been spotted in a British city – and it’s got the internet all riled up.

Believed to have been left by an angry resident, the note explains how some folk are being irresponsible when taking their pooches for a stroll.

To begin with, the letter explains the definition of a ‘poop-a-scoop’ – saying that the job isn’t done until the bag is disposed of, either in a bin or by taking it home, as the Daily Star reports.

The letter then suggests that the dog walkers who leave bags of waste behind could perhaps share their address and others will return the mess to them.

Many people agreed with the note after a picture of it was shared on Reddit

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The original letter, found in Sheffield, reads: “To poop-a-scoop means to scoop said poop in the bag and remove from site and then pop in a bin, not to scoop, bag and dump!

“If you would like to leave your address behind then I’m sure anybody walking regularly on this path would happily deliver them to your bin?

“For anybody that doesn’t poop-a-scoop at all then it would be much appreciated if you could follow the above which is highlighted in blue.

“Lets not give dog walkers a bad name. Thank you.”

A picture of the note was shared on Reddit, and the user who spotted it posted: “Classic British passive aggressiveness.

“Found while walking round Sheffield. Totally agree with what they are saying.”

The note had been tied to a handrail with string, and after it was shared on Reddit other users commented their opinions on the matter.

One person said: “The worst part for me is when you’re walking down the canal or in a park and someone has hung the dog s*** from a tree, it’s disgusting.”

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“Someone has actively picked it up already so what’s the point in throwing it away,” added another. “Unless they think it’s modern art.”

While a third noted: “Some complete idiot’s decided to do this around the local nature spots as a protest on lack of dog bins. Heaven forbid you have to walk a few minutes carrying a bag.”

And another added: “As a dog owner I would rather see people leave their pet’s deposits untouched and abandoned rather than wrapped it in a plastic bag and left.”

“Takes only a few weeks to disappear if left unbagged, those in bags never disappear,” replied an eco-conscious poster.

While another noted: “Definitely agree, although as a long-time dog owner, I’m wondering why it’s only just occurred to me that it should be called scoop-a-poop and not poop-a-scoop.”

And a jokester said: “I’ll lay five to one that tomorrow there’ll be a full dog poop bag tied to the railing next to it.”

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