Pasta hack shows you’ve been ‘cooking it wrong’ and the colander is key

A woman claims to have discovered the “correct” way for cooking pasta and says her “Italian ancestors would be so disappointed”.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by @daniiirara she shows herself cooking pasta in a metal colander that fits neatly inside her pan.

Then when she is done, the home cook simply lifts up the colander and drains the pasta into the pan, rather than try to carry the heavy pan of boiling water and pasta over to the sink, as many people do.

She writes in the on-screen caption: “Today years old when I realised I should cook pasta in the colander to save my back. Am I the only one?”

Dani says she only just realised the colander insert was for cooking
(Image: TikTok / @daniiirara)

The video has been watched 167,000 times since it was uploaded on Sunday (August 29) and it has been “liked” just under 5,000 times.

People were divided, with many saying the trick was obvious and others admitting they’d had no idea the metal insert was designed to be used like that.

One user said: “I’ve had this insert for 15 years I haven’t once used it the way it’s meant to be used.”

A second wrote: “Wait people don’t cook it in the colander?

“That’s what it is for it’s a pasta cooker that why it fits so nicely in the pot.”

The pasta trick impressed many viewers
The pasta trick impressed many viewers
(Image: TikTok / @daniiirara)

A third admitted: “I’ve had that in my cupboard for years and I always put back and use a different pot or take the strainer out… what why.”

“Ohhh my god why did I not put two and two together?” commented another user.

Dani replied to a few comments and said she had Italian ancestry.

She joked: “Have had this pot and colander for a longggg time. My nonna is for sure turning in her grave in disappointment at me.”

“My Italian ancestors would be soooo disappointed I’m sure,” she wrote in another comment.

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