Penn Badgley is a dad out for blood in ‘You’ Season 3 teaser

Penn Badgley’s “You” character Joe Goldberg is stepping into a whole new territory: fatherhood.

The 34-year-old transforms into a stalker dad in the Season 3 teaser for Netflix’s drama “You.” While the trailer doesn’t show any scenes from the new season, it features a wicked voiceover from Badgley as he bakes a white cake topped with bloodied icing.

Season 3 of “You” will premiere on Oct. 15.

The season will chronicle Joe and his wife, Love Quinn-Goldberg (Victoria Pedretti), as they try to conquer marriage and being parents.

“A boy is not what we expected, and I would be lying if I said the thought of mini-me was purely exciting and not without challenges,” Joe narrated. “Let’s just say, I hope you’ll do as I say, not as I do, but for you I could change. I’ll be a man you look up to, a man you will be proud to call dad.”

Penn Badgley stars as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix drama “You.”
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The trailer even revealed Joe and Love’s newborn’s name: Henry.

“You” also stars Saffron Burrows, Tati Gabrielle, Dylan Arnold, Travis Van Winkle, Scott Speedman, Michaela McManus and Ben Menhl.

Badgley was recently profiled for Vulture, where he threw a little shade at HBO Max’s new “Gossip Girl” reboot and expressed his worries about the strong fan reaction to his “You” character.

“You” season 3 will show Joe and Love grappling with parenthood and relationship troubles.

The father of one famously played Dan Humphrey on the CW’s original “Gossip Girl” series from 2007 until 2012. While he hasn’t watched the revival, he admitted, “The truth is I barely watch anything.” He and his wife, Domino Kirke, however, recently have time to see “Schitt’s Creek” and “Ted Lasso.”

“We want to watch something that’s hopeful,” Badgley added he’s only slightly aware of the show’s plotline, which involves a group of teachers reviving the anonymous gossip blogger on social media. “Technically, I’m Gossip Girl, but she’s really her,” he said when told that Kristen Bell was back as the voice of Gossip Girl.

Badgley also told the publication that he loathes his “You” character Joe — and doesn’t want viewers to like him. The actor wants fans to see the drama’s themes and societal myths that allow men like Joe to get away with harm toward women. The series portrays Joe as being a murderer and as a violent psychopath who sheds blood in order to save women from other males.

When asked about the barrage of tweets from fans who want Joe to lock them inside his murder cage, Badgley quipped, “You’re supposed to see past my face to the crazy s–t!”

“You” Season 3 is due to drop on Netflix on Oct. 15.

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