People Request Leniency for Cameron Herrin Because of His Looks after 24-Year Prison Sentencing

Cameron Herrin, a young street racer, has attracted a barrage of supporters after receiving a 24-year prison sentence for vehicular homicide. The vast display of support stems from the most mind-blowing reason.

Looks may not be a good enough reason to lessen a person’s sentence, especially when the case involves homicide, but some seem to think otherwise.

A 21-year-old man has received a supportive embrace from TikTokers, who deem his case worthy of leniency. In April, the youngster, Cameron Herrin, was sentenced to a total of 24 years imprisonment for killing a 24-year-old mom and her baby during an illegal street race.

Photo of Cameron Herrin wearing a black face mask | Photo: 13 Tampa Bay

Following a series of court hearings and legal procedures, the judge found Herrin guilty of two counts of vehicular homicide. The first count earned him nine years in a Florida State prison, while the second attracted fifteen years.

Herrin also pleaded guilty to two counts of homicide, receiving six years in state prison and fifteen years of probation.

The outcome of the hearing was a big blow on the 21-year-old, who looked extremely shocked after hearing the verdict. Somehow, pictures of the youngster’s expression upon hearing his sentence made it to social media platforms.

Photo of Cameron Herrin, wearing a facemask | Photo: TikTok / justiceforcameron

Photo of Cameron Herrin, wearing a facemask | Photo: TikTok / justiceforcameron

TikTokers took up the cause, kicking off movements to advocate for Herrin’s release because he looks “too cute” and appeared “innocent.”

The fatal victim’s husband, David Raubenolt, believes Herrin received a sentence appropriate for his crime.

Videos of his stunned expressions, his moments of tears, and a moment he took off his mask to drink water have especially made the rounds on TikTok.

The hashtags #JusticeForCameron and #CameronHerrin have also been trending on the platform as more people join the movement. Videos promoting Herrin’s freedom have garnered over two billion views on TikTok.

While the fatal victim’s husband, David Raubenolt, believes Herrin received a sentence appropriate for his crime, most netizens believe the judge’s verdict to be too harsh.

Several people opined that the convict deserved forgiveness and a second chance, given that he did not commit the homicides on purpose.

A fan's comment on the viral video | Photo: TikTok / @justiceforcameron

A fan’s comment on the viral video | Photo: TikTok / @justiceforcameron

Others insisted on a tougher sentence for the convict, given the gravity of his crime. A user commented: “He killed two people, one being a little kid and the mother. He had gotten five warnings about street racing before this. He deserves life in jail.”

Many questioned the sanity of people advocating for the release of a “killer” just because he was a pretty boy. Calls for Herrin’s release have also surfaced on other social media platforms.

Commenting on one of many videos advocating the street racer’s freedom, one Twitter user wrote: “He did not intentionally kill them. It was an accident. And I feel sorry for both families.”

A fan's comment on the viral video | Photo: TikTok / @justiceforcameron

A fan’s comment on the viral video | Photo: TikTok / @justiceforcameron

The incident took place in 2018 in a Tampa, Florida, neighborhood. Court documents show that Herrin was racing another driver, John Barrineau, at 100 miles per hour through the residential area in broad daylight when he crashed into the victims.

The woman, Jessica Resinger-Raubenolt, was pushing her 21-month-old daughter Lillia on a stroller when the accident occurred. Both died from the impact.

Herrin has appealed his case, requesting a lighter sentence to no avail. Over 28,000 supporters have signed a petition on to plead for the youngster’s release.

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