Photo Of Jim Bob Duggar NEGLECTING Anna & Josh’s Children Surfaces

A photo of Jim Bob Duggar neglecting at least one of Anna and Josh’s children surfaced on Instagram today. The photo featured Jim Bob Duggar with a huge grin on his face as he stood with one of his grandchildren belonging to Anna and Josh. As those who have been following Duggar family news know, Jim Bob and Michelle are basically raising Josh’s children while Anna stays with him on his guardian’s property.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have Josh’s children

Duggar fans learned Anna was living with her husband Josh as he waits to find out if he’ll do time behind bars. Fans also know his children are allowed to see him as much as the couple wants as long as Anna is in the picture. It, however, appears as if Anna and Josh are staying alone on the property of his guardians. Turns out, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are actually taking care of Anna and Josh’s children.

Jim Bob Duggar – Michelle Duggar Instagram

Anna Duggar has ghosted social media completely. Fans know she’s extremely pregnant with their seventh child. Counting On fans aren’t really sure whether they’ll get to meet the seventh child as they suspect Anna will have the baby in private given what’s going on with the family right now.

That being said, fans have been extremely concerned for the wellbeing of Anna and Josh’s children. They aren’t too keen on knowing the children are with Jim Bob and Michelle. After all, Jim Bob and Michelle are also defending and standing behind Josh Duggar.

Turns out, one of Anna and Josh Duggar’s children recently surfaced in a photo. The photo made rounds on social media after a fan claims to have snapped the photo while running into Jim Bob during a baseball game.

Counting On fans blasted Josh’s father for neglecting the child

Fans of the Duggar family admitted they were horrified by the photo. Many noted it was clear evidence Jim Bob Duggar was neglecting the grandchildren he was temporarily looking after. Fans suspected the little one in the photo was Meredith.

They, however, were horrified to see the little one was running around in public — during a pandemic — with no shoes on. Why was Jim Bob Duggar wearing shoes while the little one was forced to wander around in public with no shoes on her feet?

Jim Bob Duggar

Many fans proceeded to blast him for not wearing a mask in public. Between the lack of mask and lack of shoes, fans insisted the photo demonstrated how neglectful he was of this little one. Many fans feared Anna and Josh Duggar’s children really were not safe with their grandfather.

Are you surprised to see Jim Bob Duggar taking Anna and Josh’s children out in public without shoes on? Do you think this is neglectful of him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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