Pregnant Stacey Solomon rushes to finish work on Pickle Cottage before baby arrives

As Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash prepare for the imminent arrival of their baby daughter, the DIY-loving Loose Women star is pulling out all the stops at Pickle Cottage

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Stacey Solomon apologises to fans for noisy builders in background

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are making sure their plush pile Essex pile is ready for the arrival of their new baby, who is due any day now.

The pair have been working tirelessly to renovate their beloved Pickle Cottage into their perfect family home, including decorating a nursery fit for a princess.

Stacey, 31, is already mum to three boys including two-year-old Rex, who she shares with fiancé Joe.

Speaking to The Sun about the family’s latest addition, former Eastenders actor Joe, 39, said: “We’re not so much nervous; this is not our first rodeo, we’ve done it before, but it is our first girl so it does feel slightly different.

“We’re super excited. We’re just trying to get the house ready, get it all straight so that it’s nice for when she gets here.”

Stacey and Joe are pulling out all the stops at Pickle Cottage

Stacey and Joe moved into the stunning mansion in March and have made incredible progress over the months.

The couple have even installed a stunning vintage bath in their bedroom, which Stacey said filled her and little Rex with excitement.

The Loose Women star has documented the renovation on her Instagram account and has proved to be quite the dab hand at DIY.

The boys can’t wait to meet their little sister

The mum-of-three has added her signature lavish touches to her daughter’s beautiful pink nursery, which comes complete a plush velvet chair covered with a canopy.

There is also a changing mat covered in a floral fabric and baskets filled with baby essentials are stored nearby.

Elsewhere in the property the conservatory, downstairs bathroom, master bedroom, boys’ bedrooms and swimming pool have all been completed.

However while Stacey may have the Midas touch when it comes to decorating, Joe admits it’s not really is forte.

“I’m not very good at seeing the bigger picture,” he said. “I’ll go into a room, I’ll paint it all white and make it all ready so it’s a blank canvas, and then Stacey will go in and do her magic.”

The actor also said that while he was used to “fighting and wrestling” with the three boys, he was up for learning how to plait his daughter’s hair when the time comes.

Stacey, known for sharing many details of her life with her followers recently melted hearts when she posted an adorable message to her daughter.

The new baby’s nursery is fit for a princess

Stacey even has a vintage bathtub in her bedroom

“To my Darling daughter, I’ve loved every single second of making this special place for you. My whole heart, and soul is in this room and I would do it all again if I could,” she wrote.

“I can not wait to bring you home here and show you everything. I can not wait to hold you, cuddle you, sing to you, feed you and put you to bed in here.

“We can not wait to see you little one. To the moon and stars and back again princess, we love you.”

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