Prince Harry Claims That Meghan Markle Might Not Be “The One”

It is undeniable that Meghan Markle didn’t quite realise what she was signing up for when she married into the royal family. Many people are of the belief that, from a young age, she had dreamed of marrying a “popular British guy.”

She is now beginning to realise that being part of the royal family isn’t all about fame and living a lavish lifestyle. Meghan claimed in an interview that “it isn’t easy”, causing the public to question whether or not Meghan is the right fit to be Harry’s wife.

Too Many Differences

Meghan describes the initial stage of their relationship during the same interview. She told Lizzie Cundy, her best friend that Harry was “a catch!” Yet she has no idea about having a relationship with royal blood.

She had little knowledge of what dating a royal would actually entail. At first glance they seem to be a happy couple, but what we see on camera isn’t always true to reality. Harry’s disappointment is beginning to show.

Disrespecting Royal Protocol

Recently, what happened at the Trooping of the Colour event gave an obvious hint that Harry and Meghan had made a big mistake. All of the members of the royal family were expected to face forward and sing the national anthem.

Yet, without considering it, Meghan turned towards Harry in order to speak with him. His reaction was to demand her to turn back around. “She eventually turned around and looked like she was going to start crying,” an insider said.

What Will They Do With Archie?

The main reason why Meghan Markle regrets marrying Prince Harry might be how the royal family treats their baby boy, Archie. The public were very shocked when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip did not participate in Archie’s christening.

However, the knowledge that the Queen did not attend the christening of Prince Louis either might have put Meghan’s mind slightly at ease. Meghan and Harry might also struggle to raise Archie and any future children they might have with shared values.

So Many Sacrifices

It seems that Meghan Markle has had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to fit in with the royal family. The list is so long that maybe it wasn’t marrying Prince Harry after all. She has had to give up even the most simple things in her life to become a perfect suitor for Harry.

All things considered, including her former career as an actress, Meghan gives the impression that she is an outgoing person. Marrying Harry prevents her posting photos on social media as she wishes. She is not allowed to cross her legs when she sits and she can’t get a colourful manicure.

Dealing With His Exes

Even though Meghan married into the most private and secure family in the world, she still couldn’t prevent her husband from interacting with his exes. One such incident has been reported during the Trooping the Colour fiasco.

Chelsy Davy, Harry’s ex, was caught by paparazzi checking up on Harry in London as he was going through a hard time in his life. They have remained friends since splitting up. Royal correspondent Phil Dampier believes that Harry was dying to marry Chelsy before she got “cold feet”.

He Had One Last Phone Call With Her

It has been reported that Harry had a very emotional phone call with his ex Chelsy before he married Meghan. “It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on,” a source told royal author Katie Nicholl.

“Chelsy was quite emotional about it all, she was in tears and almost didn’t go to the wedding. In the end, she went and promised Harry she wouldn’t try and gatecrash the party.”

Marrying The Royal Family

People say that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family too. Meghan Markle is learning this the hard way. She has tried her best to win the hearts of the royal family members, which has, at times, been the cause of conflict.

It was reported that Meghan almost made Kate Middleton cry when she forced her to find “the very best”  bridesmaid attire to wear for her wedding. Prince William also alerted his brother not to be too hasty, when it comes to relationships and asked him whether he was “sure” about Meghan.

Shattered Dreams

Meghan Markle had to abandon some of her hopes and dreams in her decision to marry into the royal family. She was not the first person to make big sacrifices for the sake of her royal marriage.

Kate Middleton also had to forget about her passion for working as a photographer and a web designer when she married Prince William. Not only did her marriage to Prince Harry mean she had to leave some of her dreams and goals behind her, but her options are also very limited now.

She’s Changed Him

It seems that Meghan might have regretted marrying Prince Harry after struggling a lot to change him. Duncan Larcombe, a writer for The Sun, who tends to write updates on the royal family, has written a piece on this matter.

He notes that Meghan is the reason behind Harry’s revolutionary behaviour in royal environments. “All of Harry’s staff have always thought he was fantastic, but the two of them [together] are high maintenance,” Duncan said. The writer also stated that the prince has become “quite grumpy and aloof.”

Actresses Don’t Marry Royals

Meghan Markle was expected to leave behind her career as an actress in order to tie the knot with Prince Harry. Many people believe that there is an obvious reason why she shouldn’t have done it. The Duchess of Sussex had a main role in the trending law series Suits as she is a brilliant actress.

She is not the only person who had to abandon her career. Sophie Rhys-Jones also had to leave her career as an actress behind to marry Prince Edward two decades ago. It is said that Prince Philip told Prince Harry during their engagement period: “One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.”

Personality Clash?

The difference in personality of the couple might be yet another reason why Meghan may have regretted her decision to marry Harry. Despite dbeing the most rebellious character in the royal family, Harry’s rebellious nature is nothing compared to that of Meghan.

He tends to follow royal protocol and is considered to be a sensitive person. Meghan is, on the flip side, a lively and outgoing person who is, perhaps, not the best option for Prince Harry, let alone the rest of the royal family!

History Repeating Itself?

Meghan might have thought again about marrying Prince Harry if she had taken a look at the history books. There are multiple stories of failure amongst the other women who have tied the knot with royal families in the past, including Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana.

It is reported that Princess Diana was unhappy and even had an eating disorder when she was married to Prince Charles. Another example is Grace Kelly, an actress who married into the Monegasque Royal family. She was also frowned upon by the members of the Royal family.

Losing Their Friends

It appears that, both Meghan and Harry, might regret marrying each other since both of them had to leave their social circles behind. Harry has to try hard in order to sustain his relationships with his friends, Astrid Harbord and Tom Inskip.

“It’s all part of Meghan’s quiet airbrushing out of Harry’s old posse,” a friend claimed. Nevertheless, Meghan lost her closest friends as well. When things became more serious between her and Harry, she deliberately “ghosted” her according to TV personality Lizzie Cundy.

My Way Or The High Way
Meghan Markle may be unhappy that wedding Prince Harry made her powerless to remain totally herself. In spite of this, the previous entertainer is, as yet, attempting to do things her own way, without going too crazy. Perhaps the greatest marker of this is the manner in which she dresses.

On numerous events, imperial specialists have criticised Meghan for wearing sleeveless dresses in broad daylight. There is no clarity regarding whether or not royal women need to wear formal leggings for every single open appearance. However, Meghan has gone out with uncovered legs on numerous occasions.

Trying Way Too Hard?

It is likely that if Meghan had married someone else, who is not so well-known, it wouldn’t have been so difficult for her to blend in. Meghan has got into an unfeasible task, according to PR expert Nick Ede.

“This is somebody who has just entered the Royal Family, who is working just as hard as she was learning scripts for Suits,” he claimed. “She has actually put herself in a position where it’s not an easy life.”

Weird Obsession

Even though Meghan Markle had stated that she only knew a few things about the Royal family before marrying Harry, some of her friends say that this is not true. Her childhood friend, Ninaki Priddy said that Meghan was always extraordinarily fond of the Queen and the rest of the Royal family.

“It’s like she has been planning this all her life,” she said. “She gets exactly what she wants and Harry has fallen for her play.” She also disclosed that Meghan dreamt of one day being famous and loves being the centre of attention.

Public Haters

Meghan Markle has had to put up with scrutiny, not only from her contemporaries within the royal family, but also she has had to deal with a lot of hate from the British public and beyond. Some members of the online community have posted many hateful things about her.

Kensington Palace representatives provide the following as an answer: “Some of it has been hidden from the public — the nightly legal battles to keep defamatory stories out of papers…the bombardment of nearly every friend, co-worker, and loved one in her life.”

Breaking Up The Bros

It’s a well-known fact that Prince Harry and his brother, William, have always had a close relationship. Nevertheless, there appears to be some feelings of hostility between the two couples, ever since Prince Harry married Meghan.

It is reported that Meghan pleaded for Harry to agree to do their own thing as a couple. This was obvious when Sussex lately split from The Royal Foundation, which was originally established by the two brothers. From the moment that they moved out of Kensington Palace, there have been indications of falling out.

Is There A Cultural Divide?

The fact that Meghan and Harry come from completely different backgrounds is sufficient evidence to suggest that they probably aren’t the best match. This has been the feeling of the public from the minute that it was declared that Harry was dating somebody from “across the pond.”

The British public found the move incredibly strange. Anyone entering into the Royal family would have a hard task in fitting in, yet Meghan Markle’s circumstances alone mean that it is even more of a challenge.

She Wanted To Marry “A Famous British Guy”

Indeed, Meghan Markle obviously should have sat down and thought about some good reasons why she was so eager to marry Prince Harry. If his being famous and British is one of her reasons, then that’s insufficient.

TV personality Lizzie Cundy admits that Meghan once asked her to find her a famous British man. “[Markle] said, ‘Do you know any famous guys? I’m single and I really love English men,’” Cundy wrote in her memoir.

What Happened To My Perks?

Meghan Markle decided to marry Harry with the intention of acquiring plenty of freebies, such as luxury houses and royal jewels. There is some degree of truth to that, but Meghan had to drop these hopes as the Queen stopped her from gaining access to the Royal Collection.

“There was this row where Meghan wanted this particular necklace, Harry said “Meghan gets what Meghan wants,” Gavin Gray claimed. “The Queen turned around and said “oh, no, she doesn’t.”

Accepting Each Other’s Families

In the meantime, Meghan was attempting to be a good person in front of her new family members’ eyes, marrying Harry also had caused a grudge to develop between her and her own family. From the moment that Meghan divulged her intentions to marry Harry, Samantha, her half-sister never stopped talking badly about her.

She tended to talk in that manner both in private and in interviews. She also no longer speaks to her half-brother. After marrying Harry, she distanced herself further from her family, who are from a totally different socioeconomic background.

Even The Queen Is Bending The Rules For Her

Meghan seemed to be winning over many members of the royal family, manipulating them to side with her, even the Queen. The Queen has been incredibly tolerant of Meghan. 

Elizabeth II allowed Meghan to attend the family Christmas party even though she was not yet married to Harry. Shockingly, for the first time in history, she has agreed for Prince Harry to marry someone who has already married and divorced.

Sharing Their Struggles

As of late, Harry and Meghan have opened up about their battles to manage their wedded existence around their obligations as individuals from the imperial family. In their narrative, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, the couple’s musings clearly caused “stress”for individuals from the regal family.

From that point forward, the narrative has been communicated in Australia, Africa, and Europe. While the psychological impacts that life as royals has had on them has been a big topic of discussion, Meghan was especially vocal.

I’m Not Fine

Noteworthy in the documentary is the way Meghan Markle discusses how much pressure she has had to deal with as a mother, a newlywed, and a member of the royal family in such a short period of time, something which has been the topic of conversation among members of the public. 

Her opinion is that the royal members haven’t been close to supportive enough of her. “As a woman, it’s a lot,” she said. “Thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m OK. But it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes.”

New Rumored Romances

Meghan and Harry seem to be struggling with the implications of previous romantic relationships that they had before meeting each other and the fact that the are only learning about them now. Seemingly, Meghan admitted that retired football player Ashley Cole attempted to date her before she met Harry.

Since then, Nonetheless, Cole’s brother, journalist Matty Cole has punctured those gossips.“It’s nonsense, completely made up,” he said. “He definitely wouldn’t have to beg Meghan Markle for a date.”

“Destroyed” By The Media

The question people want an answer to regarding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage is how much attention they actually enjoy having from the media. Not long ago, the  Duchess of Sussex admitted that the British media was insistent on blackening her reputation.

In her own words, tabloids are attempting to “destroy” her. Nevertheless, TV presenter Lizzie Cundy claimed that around two years ago, Meghan “all but begged” to have such a disclosure. It appears that things have changed.

She’s “Manipulating?”

It seems that old companions of Meghan Markle are attempting to paint an image, in all sorts of ways, that she ought never to have got hitched to Prince Harry. Take TV moderator Lizzie Cundy, for instance, who used to be a companion of the Duchess of Sussex

During one of her shows, Cundy portrayed Markle as being “manipulative” by marrying into the illustrious family. She additionally went to the extent to say that she has “seen a different side” to the previous entertainer after she turned into an illustrious figure.

More Money, More Problems

There is an argument for the fact that as a member of the royal family, you’ll always have food on the table. Nonetheless, many people have censured Meghan and Harry’s unrestrained spending since their marriage.

One of the reasons for the complexity of their relationship is the fact that Meghan still has to pay taxes because of her American citizenship. This implies that a lot of Harry and Meghan’s royalties might be required to go through American taxation.

She’s Forcing Him To Open Up

Many believe that Meghan ought to never have asked Harry to open up about his profound emotions, which began two or three years back at a time when they were dating. In a 2017 digital broadcast, Harry opened up about the demise of his mother, Diana.

As per writer Bryony Gordon, “it was Meghan who encouraged her then-boyfriend to do the podcast about his mental health with me.” Prince Harry likewise admitted to having “festering wounds,” since losing his mother, more than 20 years back.

They Have “Disappointed” The Queen

Another reason Meghan might feel regretful about ever marrying Harry is that they are causing great upset for the Queen as a result of their attitude. Reporter Richard Palmer explained that many sources came to the conclusion that Harry and Meghan’s recent opening up about mental wellbeing is to cover themselves for their indecent behaviour.

“While there is a concern for Harry and Meghan’s mental health, their attitude has disappointed the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, according to several sources,” he tweeted.

She Took Him Away for Christmas

Meghan taking Harry away from his family at the most significant time of year, Christmas, also added a black mark to their marriage. Meghan took her husband and their baby boy, Archie, to Vancouver Island, Canada.

All she wanted was to spend some quality time with her mother, Doria Ragland for two weeks. The Queen pretended that it was okay to stay away from home during Christmas, but it was reported that she was extremely disheartened by the decision.

Forced to Make Big Decisions

It is without question that marrying Harry has pressured Meghan into making some big decisions. She was not at all comfortable with the decisions she made. The last huge decision she made seemed to suit her the most.

The royal couple announced, on their official Instagram account, that: “After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution.”

She’s Made Him Step Back

It became very clear in the statement that Meghan and Harry were up to something big. As stated by them, they “intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent.”

Though the decision appeared to be mutual, many people were suspicious that Meghan had to do a lot of convincing for Harry to agree to this. In spite of this, the decision will mean that the Duchy of Cornwall will still be covering 95% of their budget.

Meghan’s Taken Harry to America

The announcement likewise implied that Meghan and Harry would migrate to the opposite side of the world – someplace nearer to where Meghan grew up, maybe. Many feel angry at the fact that Meghan has essentially removed Harry from his family.

The ultimate goal is that they can live someplace in North America. Some accept that they could wind up migrating to Canada, while others have theorized that they might seriously think about the possibility of moving to L.A. so as to be nearer to her mum.

She Has “Hurt” the Royal Family

Another sign that Meghan perhaps ought never to have got hitched to Harry is the means by which her activities, alongside his, have either simply, or in a roundabout way, hurt individuals from the Royal family.

Their choice to step down as senior royal figures are understood to have left numerous family members both “disappointed” and “hurt.” Above all, it is accepted that the Queen is, without question, one of the individuals who has suffered the most harm. She even drew attention to their activities in her yearly Christmas discourse.

They Have Taken Archie Away

Another indicator that maybe Meghan should have never married into the royal family is their decision to take Archie away from the royal family, to begin with. The royal family was in love with Archie and they love spending time with him.

Yet, it won’t be possible. Experts are also convinced by the fact that Meghan and Harry are trying to raise Archie in a “normal” way. This means that there is a possibility that he might have an identity crisis later on in his life.

Legal Issues

Meghan Markle’s apparently ceaseless fight with the media has become all the more unpleasant of late. The Duchess of Sussex recently made a lawful move against the Mail on Sunday, blaming the paper for wrongfully distributing a private letter she had sent to her dad, Thomas Markle.

Had she never got married to Harry, regardless, Meghan most likely would never have had this issue. Removing themselves from royal obligations may make it increasingly hard for UK tabloids to gain information about them.

Awkward Family Reunions

Should there be any explanation that Meghan shouldn’t have got hitched with Harry from the get go, it is the uncomfortable reunions she is sure to have with the royal family in the future.

As per The Daily Mail, the Duchess of Sussex is accepted to feel “some trepidation” about coming back to the UK and concluding their arrangements to formally step down from senior illustrious obligations. As indicated by master Katie Nicholl, Meghan is feeling “sadness” and attempting to “put on a brave face.”

The Queen’s Putting Her Foot Down

As a result of Meghan and Harry’s choice to leave a ton of their imperial obligations behind, it is accepted that the Queen is currently putting her foot down with regards to a portion of their past benefits.

ABC’s reporter on the royals, Omid Scoobie revealed that Elizabeth II as of late has had a word with the couple, ensuring them that she would quit paying for their security in the long run, which is accepted to cost somewhere around $25 million.

She Has Been Divorced Before

Perhaps the biggest suggestion that Meghan Markle ought not to have got married to Prince Harry is that she had recently come out of a short-lived first marriage. The Duchess of Sussex was recently married to Trevor Engelson.

She had met him in 2004 and soon enough, the couple moved in together before getting married in 2011. After being hitched only for a year and a half, Meghan and Trevor, at last, chose to head out in their own direction and separated in 2013.

Did She Marry Someone Too Famous?

Meghan could have benefited from considering how things went between Prince Harry and his past fruitless connections. Cressida Bonas wound up parting with Harry in light of the fact that “she could not take the public scrutiny and being judged by total strangers.”

Chelsy Davy revealed to The Times that while she was with Harry, the amount of attention she got was “crazy and scary and uncomfortable.” Even somebody like Meghan Markle, who was, at that point in time, a really popular name, might’ve ended up with somebody a little bit to well known for her own good.

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