Prison Matchmaker Chelsea and Boyfriend Manuel Star in ‘Prisoner of Love’ (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

In the first season of Prisoner of Love, we follow matchmaker Chelsea Holmes as she helps five couples navigate the uncertain waters of jailhouse relationships. But she’s got a story of her own to tell. She’s also fallen for someone who’s serving time, and one of the relationships she’s helping keep together is her own.

In a press release, it was stated that Chelsea found her way to her current boyfriend, Manuel, after speaking to a professor in college. They encouraged her to meet new people, and she decided to join a prison pen pal program. That’s where she met Manuel and entered into her role as the Prison Matchmaker.

In addition to Chelsea and Manuel, we will be seeing Isa and Devin, Brey and Arlette, Dexter and Yolanda, and Aluntra and Bryce. Each couple has their own unique struggles. For example, Dexter is a dad who is shocked to find out that his son is dating someone in prison, but his tune may change when he decides to get back to dating.

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