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Pub slammed over ‘patronising’ message installed in woman’s bathroom to boost confidence

The well-intentioned message located in the woman’s bathroom was roundly criticised on social media after it went viral, with some people dubbing it “inappropriate”

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It’s a narrative we’re all familiar with: the journey to self-acceptance.

Nowhere does this message seem more important than when you’re out and about and might have a dip in confidence.

But you also might need a mirror – and a motivational message designed to make you feel better might actually be fairly annoying.

We’ve all been caught with something between our teeth, or the need to sort out our hairstyle while out at a pub or restaurant.

In these situations, you specifically need a bathroom mirror to help rectify any awkward situations.

But one pub came under fire after deciding customers didn’t need to see their reflection and replaced the mirror with a sassy message instead.

The message didn’t go down well


One woman shared a photo of the bathroom on social media, showing that the mirror had been removed, with the message ‘You look fine’ there instead.

She tweeted: “This would p*** me off.”

She wasn’t alone in feeling annoyed by the message, as one woman joked: “SO MUCH. I know I look more than fine, I just wanna check my makeup.”

Another said: “I’ve actually seen this in person before, it was so annoying. I actually had something in my eye that I was trying to get out which is why I needed the mirror.”

A third added: “This is like those “no WiFi. Talk to each other” signs. 0/10.”

“It’d be cooler if it was written backwards on the opposite wall and the mirror was still there so you can see it in the mirror along with yourself like a positive affirmation,” added another.

Another blasted: “This is so patronising. Also fairly ignorant – there are a lot of reasons people need to use a mirror. Stop making people feel bad for wanting to use one.”

One person joked: “Someone probably just broke the mirror during their last 1 am fight and the owners are trying a quirky way to disguise that they can’t afford a replacement.”

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