Rare £2 coin to mark WW1 could be worth £500 due to huge error in design

A rare coin launched to mark the First World War could be worth an eye-watering £500.

The £2 coin is worth a lot of money due to an error on its design as the words “Two Pounds” are missing on the head side.

It is the 2014 First World War Centenary £2 with the normal version of the coin still worth £2.

The Royal Mint released this design seven years ago to mark 100 years since the First World War.

It features an image of Lord Kitchener who was an important British war figure who appeared on government propaganda posters.

Coin Hunter experts say 5,720,000 of these coins were struck for circulation, but it’s still “very rare” to find one without a date.

However the first of its kind sold at Lockdales auction in March 2020 for an eye-watering £500.

It is believed another was also recently posted on the Coin Hunter Facebook page, which means there are at least two that exist.

Writing on the group, Coin Hunter experts said: “Check your coins that feature Lord Kitchener.

“If the heads side does not show ‘TWO POUNDS’ – you have an error that appears to be very rare.”

If you think you’ve got your hands on a rare coin, you can ask the Royal Mint to check to see if it’s real.

Previously, a rare Brexit coin fetched for £21,000 on eBay with 10 million in circulation.

The Royal Mint released the rare Brexit 50p coins to mark January 31, 2020.

And a rare 50p coin from the 2012 Olympics sold for £360 on eBay as it comes with an error.

While the 50p is considered rare due to its design, the copy comes with a minting error which is why it’s selling for loads on eBay.

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