Raven Gates Shares 20 Week Update, Does She Know Gender?

Bachelor in Paradise couple Raven Gates Gottschalk and Adam Gottschalk are expecting their first baby together. The two finally were able to get married this year. In fact, the couple conceived their baby on their honeymoon. Raven just hit the halfway mark in her pregnancy. So, with her latest update, fans are wondering if they know the baby’s gender yet. Plus, Raven also shared the video again of when she and Adam found out the big news.

Raven Gates shares 20-week baby bump update with fans

Raven went to Instagram to share the bump update with fans on their baby’s own page. She shared a picture of herself holding a tub of popcorn wearing a simple black sundress.

Raven said, “20 weeks ✨ We’re halfway there!! 🍿 I’m now the size of a large popcorn (so says my app). I now look like what I will at birth, only smaller! My hair is now growing on my head! My mom has started having really bad heartburn today- so maybe the old wives tale of heartburn & a lot of hair are true!”

She continued saying, “My eyelashes and eyebrows are formed, and I can even blink! 😉 You no longer need an ultra sound to hear my heart beat ❣️ a stethoscope will do! 🩺 this past week my dad got to feel me kick for the first time! & mom says I’m already a hard kicker 😝.”

Do they know the gender?

So far Raven and Adam have not shared the gender of their baby. If they know they are holding that little secret tightly for the moment. During Raven’s 18 week update, Adam did go into the comment section and say like if you think it’s a girl and another comment that said like if you think it’s a boy. So far little girl is winning.

What do you think Raven and Adam are having?

Other updates

Raven has been sharing weekly updates with fans regarding her pregnancy. At 19 weeks she shared a pic of her holding pancakes. She shared that the baby is measuring 10.8 inches and the size of pancakes or a mango. She also revealed she’s having round ligament pain frequently to allow the baby to grow.

Plus, Raven revealed it was during week 19 that baby could start hearing her heartbeat and voice. Raven’s pregnancy is moving right along!

Hopefully, a gender reveal is in the very near future!

Stay tuned for more updates on Raven and baby Gottschalk.


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