Reba McEntire Releasing Triple Album ‘REVIVED REMIXED REVISITED’

Reba McEntire has a new project on the way, announcing her upcoming triple album REVIVED REMIXED REVISITED. The three-part box set is a reimagined collection of some of McEntire’s biggest songs, with each part of the triple project reworking the country star’s hits in a different way.

REVIVED features songs that have evolved throughout the years in the roles as staples in McEntire’s live shows, like “Is There Life Out There” and “Can’t Even Get the Blues,” which have been recorded with the Oklahoma native’s touring band. REMIXED follows its title with remixes of songs like “Little Rock” and “I’m A Survivor,” and REVISITED sees McEntire teaming with producer Dave Cobb to recut songs like “Somebody Should Leave” and “Consider Me Gone.” That disc will also feature McEntire’s recently-confirmed collaboration with Dolly Parton, a re-recording McEntire and Linda Davis’ duet “Does He Love You.”

(Photo: Universal Music Group Nashville)

“I’ve been continuing to make new albums, and we really haven’t spent the time to slow down enough to revisit and work the catalog and remind people of what we’ve done in the past,” McEntire told Variety.
“I’m really a forward thinker, so that was a little out of my realm.” The idea for the triple album came from Universal Music Group Nashville, whose subsidiary labels McEntire has been with for the majority of her career.

The 66-year-old explained that with decades of hits, she wants to make sure she gives her fans what they want to hear. “When you go to a concert, what do you want to hear, the new single or the one that made ‘em famous? The one that made ‘em famous,” she said. “You want something relatable, something that you can sing along with, something that you’re familiar with and you elbow your friend — you stand up and you start singing along with ‘em to the top of your lungs. And then the new single comes on, and out of respect, you sit there nicely and listen. And if by chance you’ve had a couple of beers or something, you get up and go to the bathroom during that time.”

“I think it’s very important to keep the songs of mine that my fans grew up on (alive),” she continued. “My fans are very loyal, very sweet to me, and I think they’re going to enjoy this three-album package where they can sit down and say, “Oh, I remember when Reba sang that in Omaha.'”

On Friday, McEntire released a song from each of the album’s three sets — “Is There Life Out There” from REVIVED, “I’m A Survivor” (Lafemmebear Remix) from REMIXED, and “Consider Me Gone” from REVISITED. REVIVED REMIXED REVISITED will be released on Oct. 8 and is available for pre-order here.

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