Rebecca Parrott BLASTS 90 Day Fiance Trolls: Don’t Insult My Fans!
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Rebecca Parrott BLASTS 90 Day Fiance Trolls: Don’t Insult My Fans!

Some reality stars do their best to ignore what fans are saying about them. Rebecca Parrott does not.

Keeping her finger on the pulse of the 90 Day Fiance fandom has led her to seek medical help, and that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, it also means that she sees the worst trolls that social media has to offer.

People can say what they want about her, but sending hate to her fans? That crosses a line.

“I rarely get angry. But I’M ANGRY,” Rebecca Parrott begins the caption to a new video, which we have included.

“I don’t think I’ve posted being angry in a very long time,” she remarked.

“But this made me so mad,” Rebecca expressed.

Rebecca Parrott kisses Zied Hakimi on their wedding day

“An artist sent us a gift and I wanted to thank her,” Rebecca wrote.

“She didn’t even want me to post about it!!” she revealed.

Rebecca addressed her trolls: “To those of you who criticized her art SHAME ON YOU.”

Rebecca Parrott header zoom (weight loss May 2021)

“Art is SUBJECTIVE. I love it. Zied loves it,” Rebecca scolded the haters.

“She is embarrassed and feels like crap,” sha lamented, “BECAUSE OF YOUR COMMENTS.”

“I’m so disappointed in those of you who write mean things,” Rebecca concluded. “Seriously. DO BETTER.”

Rebecca Parrott painting wedding gift

Rebecca had a similar message to say out loud.

She and Zied Hakimi, her husband, were at Waffle House — of all places — getting food.

Speaking over the noise, Rebecca took on the tone of a teacher lecturing her students over how they treated a substitute. It was appropriate.

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“That was a legitimate gift,” Rebecca said into the camera. “And the art looks amazing.”

The artist who had sent her the painting, as a wedding gift, had untagged themselves.

The flood of hate pouring in, with comments mocking the painting … it was too much.

Rebecca Parrott shows off new face

Rebecca is sadly accustomed to that sort of thing.

90 Day Fiance fame has made her able to monetize her popularity with many fans through services like Cameo.

She also recently did an ad campaign with a weight loss process, one that she showcased on the Season 6 Tell All.

Rebecca Parrott shows off weight loss (down two pants sizes)

There is an unfortunate downside to fame, particularly as a reality star.

There are people who will watch you on television every single week, follow you on social media, and absolutely hate your guts.

It’s not their job. They don’t benefit from it. They don’t know you.

Rebecca Parrott shares dress horror story

This isn’t a privately held opinion, either.

They will make it known, trolling Rebecca’s comments left and right as they do for each of her castmates.

Yes, all of them — even fan-favorites like Loren and Alexei, David and Annie, Kenneth and Armando, and others see trolls and hatred in their mentions.

Rebecca Parrott extremely leery of being rushed by Zied Hakimi

Rebecca, like the others, signed up to be a reality star.

She is reaping the benefits, albeit not from her 90 Day Fiance paycheck.

TLC might not pay these stars much, but they can still make decent money through Cameo.

Rebecca Parrott worries if Zied has doubts (no kids)

But the artist who sent Rebecca that painting as a wedding gift is not a reality star.

Sending a gift does not mean signing up for a deluge of vitriol aimed at your labor of love.

Social media can sometimes make people forget that there’s a person on the other end. Filters, people. Being kind is free.

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