Record-Breaking Parking Lots You Have to See to Believe
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Record-Breaking Parking Lots You Have to See to Believe

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Let’s face it. Most parking lots are quite boring. They are simply empty spaces where you leave your car and come to pick it up once you are done. But not all parking lots are created equal. Some parking lots are actually marvels of engineering.

The Autostadt Car Tower in Germany, for instance, is the world’s fastest automatic parking system. Cars are transported to the top of the tower with a record speed of 6.6 ft/s (2 m/s). The Dokk1 parking lot in Denmark has seen more than 1 million cars parked there. In total, it can host 972 vehicles, making it Europe’s largest automatic car park.

Then there’s the Hamilton Scotts in Singapore which features a ‘parking lot in the sky.’ It showcases a rotating platform that takes the car from an elevator shaft straight to the residents’ living rooms.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Are you curious about what other record-breaking parking lots are out there? Do you want to see how they work? In this video, we bring you the world’s most exciting and most out-of-the-ordinary parking lots live and in action so you can see exactly how they operate.  

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